Lesson Ten
Part B - Exercises 3 and 4 (Exercises 3 and 4 in the textbook)

Exercise 3 - Dịch ra tiếng Việt.
Write the Vietnamese equivalents for these English phrases, remember to write the vowel and tone marks.

1- What day (of the week)?


2- What time (in the past)?


3- today's lesson


4- an easy lesson


5- tasty phở


6- a new table


7- went to Hong Kong when?


8- going to Saigon when?


9- start early


10-explain the lesson


11-walk to school


12-go by bike to the market


13-want to borrow


14-have to send


15-need to buy some food


16-like to go to town


17-intend to do to the bookstore to buy new books


18-Let's go visit Miss Thu, all right?


19-She (Miss Thu) is a lot of fun.


20-Is going to the restaurant fun?


21-Was it fun? Was it difficult?


22-Has Nam come yet?


23-No, he hasn't come yet.


24-Yes, he came already.


25-What are you going to the club for?


26-How are you (Mrs.) going home?


27-He (teacher) is going over to Japan by plane.


28-I came to the park by bus.


29-go straight ahead


30-get to Le Loi Street turn right


31-She just went at 3:00.


32-She didn't go until 3:00.


33-She won't go until 3:00.


34-I slept soundly last night.


35-How long did you (Mr.) study English?


36-How long has he (anh) been working here?


37-How long will you do research?


38-Her house is behind the bank near the park.


39-Did you (anh) go over to his (Mr.) house yet?


40-I don't know the way to his house.


41-Do you know the way to the guest house?


42-He went out (for fun) until late last night.


43-I don't have a newspaper; therefore, I have to go to the library to read one.


Bài tập 4
Using a different sentence pattern, B says that B uses the same means of transportation to get to the same destination.
Thí dụ:
Cue word: Cô ấy đến trường bằng xe đạp.
A: Cô ấy đến trường bằng xe đạp.
     Còn chị, chị đến trường bằng gì?
B: Tôi cũng đi xe đạp đến trường.
1- Anh Thu đi Mỹ bằng máy bay.
2- Bà ấy định sang Phú Quốc bằng tàu thủy.
3- Tôi định về Bắc Ninh bằng xe đò.
4- Cô Cúc sẽ tới Qui Nhơn bằng xe lửa.
5- Tôi đến câu lạc bộ bằng xe đạp.
6- Họ sẽ đi ngân hàng bằng xe ô-tô.


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