Travel Tips

icon.gif (941 bytes) Climate

The North of Vietnam has 4 clear cut seasons.   The sunny season lasts from October till June, however, the South has dry and wet seasons.  It usually showers in the evening or early morning.  The highlands have temperate climate.  The humidity degree varies from 80% to 100%.  Every year, Vietnam receives approximately 600 billion tons of rainfall.  The average temperature changes from 22 to 27 degrees centigrade.  Some places like Dalat and Sapa have a maximum temperature of 20 degrees in the summer.  Visitors can come to Vietnam all year round with no climatic disadvantages.

icon.gif (941 bytes) Language

In spite of 1000 years being dominated by Chinese, the Vietnamese have their own language.  They modified Chinese characters once.  Since 1900 they absorbed the Latin system through the Western missionaries.   Vietnamese is a monosyllabic language.  Each sound has meaning.  English, French, and Japanese can be communicated in many shops, restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

icon.gif (941 bytes) Accommodation

Vietnam offers a wide variety of accommodation, from $8.00 per room a night for backpackers to the lavish deluxe Saigon Prince just right at the heart of the city, New World, Omni, Equatorial, Century, Saigon Star, Asian, Mondial, Metropole, Mercury, Van Lang, Dong Khanh hotels in Saigon city; Faifo, Orient, Furama resort in Da Nang, Century, Huong Giang, Hoa Hong in Hue and Daewoo, Sofitel, Lakeside, Hanoi, Bao Son, Hang Nga, Chain First Eden hotels in Hanoi.

icon.gif (941 bytes) Transportation

Airlines: There are two.  Vietnam Airlines an Pacific Airlines serve all domestic routes with daily flights to all big cities and islands.

Taxis: In big cities like Saigon, Ha Noi, Hue, Vung Tau, Da Nang.  There are meter taxis.  Taxis are available at all airport.

Trains: Daily departure from Ha Noi to Saigon and vice versa.  Sleeping berths are arranged in a compartment for 4 people.

Popular Public Transportation: Local people prefer motorcycles and bicycles due to narrow streets.  For the more adventurous tourists bicycles and motorcycles can be hired.

River Boats:  Available at all river ports with reasonable prices.

icon.gif (941 bytes) Water

Drink only boiled water and be cautious when having ice in your drinks.  Bottled water is common and dirt cheap at the market or small restaurants.

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