Lesson 9
Phan D:  T Kiem Tra (Self-test)

D 1 - Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list
(Use paper and pencil to do this test).
List of words:

  • bang
  • bang
  • ben canh
  • biet
  • bo
  • can
  • e
  • en
  • lam
  • muon
  • nen
  • au
  • phai
  • tay trai
  • trc mat
  • thang
1- Co co _________ ngan hang _________ khong?
    Biet, _________ nha khach Phu Loc, _________ co mot bai au xe.
2- Anh nh ve Ha Noi _________ _________ g?
    Toi _________ ve tham gia nh.
3- Ch nh i Hong Kong _________ g?
    Toi nh i may bay_________ Hong Kong.
4- Hom nay toi met lam _______ toi khong i _______ en o, toi se i _______ xe buyt.
5- i th vien , ch phai _________, roi re _________ .
6- Anh _________ gap ong Green e lam g?
    Toi _________ noi chuyen vi ong ay.

D 2 - Give Vietnamese equivalents.
1- What are you going to the Department of Immigration for?


2- Why do you have to go to the hospital?


3- How did you get home last night?


4- I want to go to the book store to buy a map of Hanoi.


5- Sunday I'll fly to London, and on Monday I'll go to Liverpool by bus.


6- I decided to go to Vietnam next year; therefore, I need to learn Vietnamese.


7- Do you know when Alan is going to Vietnam?


8- I do not know the way to the guest house.


9- Do you know the way to the guest house?


10- I want to know what time he will be back.


These tests bebow are not in the textbook, they are for the website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the list below.
List of words:
  • ban o
  • bang
  • bu ien
  • chiec
  • cha
  • cuon
  • cuon
  • at
  • nao
  • nha khach
  • ph
  • qua
1- Muon mua tem va phong b th phai i ________ ________ .
2- Toi cha biet ng thanh pho, toi can mua mot ________ ________ thanh pho.
3- Anh an ph Viet Nam ________?
4- Toi nh  mn mot ________ xe may i trong thanh pho.
5- Anh khach san hay________ ________?
6- Toi nghe noi khach san ________ hn nha khach, phai khong?
7- Anh nh ________ Luan on ________ g?
8- Toi co ba, bon ________ sach tieng Viet, ch muon mn ________ ________ ?

D 4 - From sentences below, check one that fits the situation.
1- You plan to go to the library to read European newspapers.
  1. Th vien gan nha khach.
  2. Toi khong mua bao Chau Au.
  3. Ba Mai i th vien oc bao.
  4. Th vien o co nhieu bao Chau Au.
  5. Toi i th vien oc bao Chau Au.
2- You don't want to go to Mai's house today.
  1. Toi en nha ch Mai roi.
  2. Hom nay anh ay khong muon en nha ch Mai.
  3. Hom nay toi cha en nha ch Mai.
  4. Hom nay toi khong muon en nha ch Mai.
3- Mrs. Chi went to France by airplane.
  1. Co Chi i Phap bang may bay.
  2. Ba Chi khong i Phap bang may bay.
  3. Ba Chi muon i Phap bang may bay.
  4. Ba Chi i Phap bang may bay.


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