Phan C: Bai tap
Part C: Exercises
C 1
B answers A's question in full.  Practice with affirmative then negative answers.
A:    Co co muon i xem phim bay gi khong?
B1:  (Da) co.  Toi muon i xem phim bay gi.
B2:  (Da) khong.  Toi khong muon i xem phim bay gi.
1- Anh co phai i hoc chieu nay khong?
2- Ch co thch chi ten-nt (tennis) khong?
3- Ong co nh mua chiec nay khong?
4- Anh ay co can i benh vien bay gi khong?
5- Co co muon mn cuon o khong?
6- Ch co phai hoc bai thi nay khong?

C 2
Following the cue, A asks B a question and B answers.

muon mn g?        (t ien)
A:  Co muon mn g?
B:  Toi muon mn t ien.
1- Thch hoc g? lch s
2- nh i cau lac bo vi ai? vi anh Giang
3- Muon mua g? ban o thanh pho
4- Can mn quyen nao? quyen o
5- Phai i au? ve nha khach
6- nh lam au? Hai phong

C 3
B listens to A's statement and asks A a question.  Pratice with other statements.
A: Toi phai i th vien bay gi. (mn sach)
B: Anh i th vien (e lam g?
A: Toi i th vien (e) mn sach.
1- Thang sau toi i Phap. tham gia-nh
2- Toi muon qua nha co Hng. gap anh co ay
3- Hom qua ong Quang en cau lac bo. uong bia
4- Tuan ti toi nh i Nha trang. tham ong ba ngoai toi
5- Toi i anh Trung lau roi. i xem phim oi Ban
6- Co Linda ang hoc tieng Viet. nghien cu lch s Viet Nam

C 4
Transform the sentence, replacing v by nen.

Toi phai i th vien oc bao v nha khong co bao.
A:  nha khong co bao nen toi phai i th vien oc.
1- Hom qua toi khong i hoc v toi b om.
2- Toi phai i ch bay gi v toi muon mua t o an.
3- Toi nay toi nh i ngu sm v mai toi phai day sm.
4- Toi phai i ngan hang mn tien v toi muon mua nha.
5- Co ay thi gioi v co ay hoc rat gioi.
6- Ch ay i nc ngoai (abroad) nhieu v ch ay lam Bo ngoai giao.

C 5 (C7 in the text book)  
Give the Vietnamese equivalents.
1. Would you like to go to the bookshop?
  • No, I have to go to the library to read newspapers.
  • Why do you have to go to the library to read newspapers?
  • I don't have French newspapers at home, so I have to go to the library to read them.
  • And what are you going to the bookshop for?
  • To buy a map of the city.
2. How are we going to the restaurant?
  • You and I are going by car, but Pedro will walk, and Alicia will go by bike; as for Maria and Juan, they' ll come by bus.
  • Do you know where the Que Viet restaurant is?
  • Yes. It's near the Science School, next to the car parking lot.
  • We have to go to Mesa Street and turn left, then go straight until the parking lot. The restaurant is on the right side.
3. Sophie, are you going to the restaurant with us?
  • No. This afternoon at four o'clock I'm taking the interurban bus across to Tijuana; so I'm not going to the restaurant.

C 6 (C8 in the text book)
Bai tap oc:  Hoi ng i.
Hear the Whole Dialog
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anh Sn tiem ban sach cu ra.  Anh ay muon i cat toc.  Anh ay hoi mot ngi
     qua ng.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Man: Anh i, khu nay co th cat toc khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Pedestrian: Da co, co mot tiem cat toc ng Phan Boi Chau.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Man: Kho qua! Toi khong co ban o. The anh ch toi i en o nhe.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Pedestrian: ay nay.  Bay gi anh ng Hai Ba Trng. Anh i ve pha tay trai en nga ba th queo phai.  Anh i theo ng Le Li en nga t th queo phai vao ng Phan Boi Chau. Tiem cat toc ben canh tiem an; trc mat co mot tiem sa xe ap.  Anh nh khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Man: A...., queo phai vao ng Le Li i thang roi queo phai vao ng Phan Boi Chau.  Phai the khong anh?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Pedestrian: ung roi! Bang xe ap i mat mot hai phut thoi.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Man: May qua! Toi cung can phai sa chiec xe ap cua toi.  Cam n anh nhieu nhe!
T vng Vocabulary
ra to go out
cat toc to have a hair cut
i Say! Hey!
khu area, district
kho qua! How unfortunate!
ch to show, to point out
ay nay here!
ve pha (in the) direction
nga ba/t intersection where 3/4 streets meet
theo to follow along
vao into, onto
sa  to repair
Anh nh khong? Will you remember?
Phai the khong? Is that right?
ung be correct
may be lucky
can phai to really need
cua belonging to
ban to sell

Answer for exercise C5
1- Anh/ Ch/ muon i hieu/ tiem sach khong?
  • Khong, toi phai i th vien (e) oc bao .
  • (Tai) sao anh/ ch/... phai i th vien (e) oc bao?
  • nha toi khong co bao Phap nen (toi) phai i th vien oc.
  • Con anh/ch/...i hieu/ tiem sach e lam g?
  • i/ e mua mot ban o thanh pho.
2- (Chung) ta i tiem/hieu an bang g?
  • Anh/Ch/ toi i bang xe hi nhng anh Pedro (se) i bo va ch Alicia (se) i (bang) xe ap.  Con ch Maria va anh Juan (ho) (se) i xe (oto) buyt en.
  • Anh/Ch/..(co) biet tiem/hieu an Que Viet au khong?
  • Biet/Co. Tiem/hieu an Que Viet gan trng Khoa Hoc, ben canh bai au xe.
  • (Chung) ta phai en pho/ ng Mesa thi re/queo tay trai, roi i thang en bai au xe.
  • Tiem/Hieu an ben tay mat/phai.
3- Ch Sophie a, ch (co) i tiem an vi chung toi khong?
  • Khong.  Bon gi chieu nay toi i xe o sang Tijuana, nen toi khong i tiem/ hieu an.

English equivalent for C6 (C8 in the text book).
Asking the way to go:
Son comes out of the used-book shop.  He wants to get a hair cut.  He asks a person crossing the street (the way to go).
  • Is there a barber in this area?
  • Yes, there is.  There's a barber shop on Phan Boi Chau street.
  • Unfortunately, I don't have a map.  Could you show me the way to get there.
  • Here. You're on Hai Ba Trung Street now.  Go left to the three-way intersection and turn right. Follow Le Loi Street to the four-way intersection and turn right onto Phan Boi Chau Street.  The barber shop is next to the restaurant opposite is a bicycle repair shop.  Can you remember?
  • Ah, turn right on Le Loi Street, go straight, then turn right on Phan Boi Chau Street. Is that right?
  • Right! By bicycle it takes only one or two minutes.
  • Very lucky! I also need to get my bicycle repaired.   Thanks very much !


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