Lesson 8
Phan D:  T Kiem Tra (Self-test)

D 1 - Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list.      

1. Ch co ___________ quyen v?
    Toi co hai ___________.
2. Gia nh ch ___________ may ngi?
    Gia nh toi co nam ngi: bo me toi, toi, mot ________ trai va mot em ________.
3. Ch Hoa co ___________ cha?
    Ch ay chong ___________.
4. ___________ ngoai anh Thi au?
    Ho ___________ nha anh ay. 

D 2 - Give Vietnamese equivalents (address all questions to the same person).
1. How many people are there in your family?
  • There are nine people in my family.
  • Are you married yet?
  • Yes, I'm married already.
  • How many children do you have?
  • I have three.
  • How old is your son?
  • Two years old.
2. How many textbooks do you have?
  • I have four.
  • Do you have a dictionary?
  • Yes, I have.  I have a new one.
  • Do you have a notebook yet?
  • No, not yet.  I don't have a notebook yet.
  • Did you go downtown yet?
  • No, I didn't go yet.
  • Let's go this afternoon, all right?
3. Do you understand that lesson yet?
  • Yes, I understand it already.  That lesson is very interesting.
4. Do you live near the post office?
  • No, I live behind the university, near the market.

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for the website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks appropriately by using words provided in the list below.
List of words:
  • bao nhieu
  • cuon
  • chieu
  • cha
  • cha
  • chung ta
  • gi
  • hai
  • khong
  • nam
  • ngi
  • may
  • sinh vien
  • ti
1- Anh co t ien ________?
2- Toi co ________ ________ t ien .
3- lp tieng Anh ________ th nhat co ________ ________ sinh vien?
4- Da, co mi lam ________ .
5- Gia dnh anh co ________ ngi.
6- Da, bon ________ : cha me toi, toi va em trai toi.
7- Toi oi roi.  Anh oi ________?
8- ________ ________ i en hieu an Viet Nam nhe.
9- Chn gi ri roi, sao anh ________ i hoc ?
10- Da, hom nay toi co lp t hai ________ chieu ________ bon gi ________ .

D 4 - From sentences below, check one that fits the situation.
1- How many children do you have?
  1. Anh co bon a con a?
  2. Ong ba Thanh co may a con?
  3. Ch co may a con?
  4. Ch ay cha co con.
2- There are six in my family.
  1. Gia dnh toi co sau cai ghe.
  2. Anh ay co sau da con.
  3. Gia nh toi co sau ngi.
  4. Gia nh anh toi co sau ngi.
3- I got married 3 months age.
  1. Toi gap ch ay cach ay bay thang.
  2. Toi mi lap gia nh cach ay ba thang.
  3. Gia dnh toi mi en ay ba thang.
  4. Ch toi mi lap gia nh cach ay bay thang.


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