Bai Tam - Lesson 8
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for self-test

D 1
Cue words:
(co, em, gai, gan, gia nh, may, ong ba, quyen, roi)

1- Ch co may quyen v?
    Toi co hai quyen.
2- Gia nh ch co may ngi?
    Gia nh toi co nam ngi: Bo me toi, toi, mot em trai va mot em gai.
3- Ch Hoa co gia nh cha?
    Ch ay co chong roi.
4- Ong ba ngoai anh Thi au?
    Ho gan nha anh ay.

D 2
1- How many people are there in your family?
    Gia nh anh/ch/ may ngi?
    There are people in my family.
    Gia nh toi co chn ngi.
    Are you married yet?
    Anh/ch/ gia nh cha?
    Yes, I'm married already.
    Roi, toi co gia nh roi.
    How many children do you have?
    Anh/Ch/.... co may a con?
    I have three.
    Toi co ba a (con).
    How old is the son?
    Con trai may tuoi?
    Two years old.
    Hai tuoi.
2- How many text books do you have?  I have four.
    Anh/ch/ may/bao nhieu quyen/cuon sach?  Toi co bon cuon.
    Do you have a dictionary?   Yes, I have.  I have a new one.
    Anh/Ch/... co t ien khong?  Co, toi co. Toi co mot quyen/cuon mi.
    Do you have a notebook yet?   No, not yet. I don't have a notebook yet.
    Anh/Ch co v cha?   Cha, cha co. Toi cha co v.
    Did you go downtown yet?   No, I didn't go yet.
    Anh/Ch/...i pho cha?   Cha, toi cha i.
    Let's go this afternoon, all right?
    Chieu nay (chung) ta i nhe.
3- Do you understand that lesson yet?
    Anh/Ch/...(a) hieu bai o cha?
    Yes, I understand it already. That lesson is very interesting.
    Roi, (toi) hieu roi.   Bai o hay lam.
4- Do you live near the post office?
    Anh/Ch/... gan bu ien khong?
    No, I live behind the university, near the market.
    Khong, toi ang sau ai hoc gan ch.

These tests below are not in the textbook.  They are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using the list of words below:
Cue words:
(bao nhieu, bao nhieu, cai, cai, cai, chieu, cha, cha, chung ta, cuon, gi, hai, khong, may, mi lam, nam,   ngi, sinh vien, ti)
1-  Anh co t ien khong?
2-  Toi co hai cuon t ien.
3-  lp tieng Anh nam th nhat co bao nhieu sinh vien?
4-  Da co mi lam sinh vien.
5-  Gia nh anh co may ngi?
6-  Da bon ngi: cha me toi, em trai toi va toi.
7-  Toi oi roi.  Anh oi cha?
8-  Chung ta i en hieu an Viet Nam nhe.
9-  Chn gi ri roi, sao anh cha i hoc?
10-Hom nay toi co lp t 2 gi chieu ti 4 gi chieu.
11-Anh muon mua may cai ban?
12-Toi can mot cai ban va bon cai ghe.

D 4 - From sentences below check one that fits the situation.
1- You like to check if your friend has seven children or not. You say:
  1. Ch co bay cai ghe a?
  2. Ch co ba a con, phai khong?
  3. Ch co bay a con, phai khong?  [Answer: c]
2- You like to say that there are 6 in your family. You say:
  1. Gia nh toi co sau cai ghe.
  2. Gia nh toi co sau ngi.  [Answer: b]
  3. Gia nh anh ay co sau a con.
3- You like to say that you just got married three months ago.  You say:
  1. Toi gap ch ay cach ay bay thang.
  2. Toi mi lap gia nh cach ay ba thang.  [Answer: b]
  3. Gia-nh toi mi en ay cach ay ba thang.
  4. Ch toi mi lap gia nh cac ay bay thang.

Extra self-tests prepared by Dan Dan Tu