Lesson 7
Phan D:  T kiem Tra (Self-test)

D 1 - Complete the sentences, using words provided in the list.
List of words:

  • ang
  • gioi
  • khong
  • lau
  • mi
  • mi
  • muon
  • sm
  • va mi
  • vui
  • va mi
  • mi
1- Tony __________ hoc tieng Thai hoi thang ba.
    Nhng bay gi anh ay noi __________ lam roi.
2- Toi i co ay __________ lam.
    Chn gi toi co ay__________ ve.
3- Hom qua toi i hoc __________ qua.
    Chn gi ri toi __________ en trng.
4- Ch ay__________ en luc ba gi.
    Hom qua ch ay en co __________ khong?
5- Hom qua mi gi cac anh __________ ve, phai khong?
    i chi co__________ khong?
6- Anh ay___________ lam viec co met khong?
    __________ met lam.

D 2 - Give the Vietnamese equivalents.
1- You have written this lesson very well.  Is the lesson easy?
  • No, it's very difficult because I just started studying French last month.
  • Lan speaks French very well.  She has studied it for a long time, hasn't she?
  • Yes, she has studied for three years already.
2- How long have you been in Honolulu?
  • I just came last week.
  • When are you going back home?
  • I'm not going back until next month.
3- What were you doing yesterday evening?
  • I was writing the Lesson Seven exercises until late at night.
4- Jan didn't come until 2:30.
  • How about Tom? Did he come early?
  • Yes, he came very early.
5- Did you wait a long time?
  • No, I didn't wait very long.

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for Website users only.
D 3 - Fill the blanks, using words in the list below.
List of words:
  • i
  • hay
  • khoe
  • lanh
  • ngon
  • muon
  • vui
1-  Tuan trc ch i  chi co ______ khong?
2-  Anh i chi nui co ______ khong?
3-  Phim o co ______ khong?
4-  Sao hom qua ch ve ______ ?
5-  Hom nay ba co ______ khong?
6-  Ch ______ co lau khong?
7-  Hieu an o ______ lam.  Chung ta en o nhe.

D 4  - From sentences below, check one that fits the situation.
A- You like to do some banking.
  1. Ch i ngan hang hoi nao?
  2. Anh ay lam ngan hang c bao lau roi?
  3. Ngan hang ng nao?
  4. Ngan hang ong ca 5 gi.
B- Tell you friend that you are going to school.
  1. Toi mi en tuan trc.
  2. Toi i th vien hom qua.
  3. Toi i hoc bay gi.
  4. Chung toi trng ve.
C- That restaurant is good.
  1. Hieu an o dng nao?
  2. Hieu an kia ngon lam.
  3. Hieu an o at lam.
  4. Hieu an o ngon lam.


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