Bai Bay - Lesson 7
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for self-test

D 1
Cue words: 
(ang, gioi, khong, lau, mi, mi, mi, muon, sm, vui, va mi, va mi)

1- Tony va mi hoc tieng Thai hoi thang ba, nhng bay gi anh ay noi gioi lam roi.
2- Toi i co ay lau lam.
    Chn gi co ay mi ve.
3- Hom qua toi i hoc muon qua.
    Chn gi ri toi mi en trng.
4- Ch ay va mi en luc ba gi.
    Hom qua ch ay en co sm khong?
5- Hom qua mi gi cac anh mi ve, phai khong?
    i chi co vui khong?
6- Anh ay ang lam viec co met khong?
    Khong met lam.

D 2
1- You have written this lesson very well. Is the lesson easy?
    Anh/ Ch/....viet bai nay gioi lam. Bai co de khong?
    No, it's very difficult because I just started studying French last month .
    Khong, kho lam v toi mi bat au hoc tieng Phap thang trc.
    Lan speaks French very well.  She has studied it for a long time, hasn't she?
    Ch Lan noi tieng Phap gioi lam.  Ch ay hoc lau lam roi , phai khong?
    Yes, she has studied for three years already.
    Vang, ch ay hoc (c) ba nam roi.
2- How long have you been in Honolulu?
    Anh/ Ch/.... Honolulu (c) bao lau roi?
    I just came last week.
    Toi mi en tuan trc.
    When are you going back home?
    Bao gi anh ch ve?
    I'm not going back until next month .
    Thang sau/ti toi mi ve.
3- What were you doing yesterday evening?
    Toi hom qua anh / ch...lam g?
    I was writing the Lesson Seven exercises until late at night.
    Toi viet bai tap Bay en khuya.
4- Jan didn't come until 2:30.
    Hai (gi) ri ch Jan mi en.
    How about Tom?  Did he come early?
    Con anh Tom (the nao)? Anh ay en co sm khong?
    Yes, he came very early.
    Co, anh ay en sm lam.
5- Did you wait a long time?
    Anh/ Ch/....i co lau khong?
    No, I didn't wait very long .
    Khong, toi i khong lau (lam).

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using words from the list below:

Cue words:  (i, hay, khoe, lanh, muon, ngon, vui)

1- Tuan trc ch i chi co vui khong?
    Did you have a good time when you went out (for fun )last week?
2- Anh i chi nui co lanh khong?
    Did you fell cold when you climbed up the mountains?
3- Phim o co hay khong?
    Was that movie interesting?
4- Sao hom qua ch ve muon?
    Why did you come home late yesterday?
5- Hom nay ba co khoe khong?
    How are you today?   (Are you well today?)
6- Ch i co lau khong?
    Have you been waiting long?
7- Hieu o ngon lam.  Chung ta en o nhe.
    That restaurant is very good. Let's go there.

D 4 - From sentences below, check one that fits the situation.
A- You like to go to the bank, you say:
  1. Ch i ngan hang hoi nao?
  2. Anh ay lam ngan hang c bao lau roi?
  3. Ngan hang ng nao? [ Answer:3]
  4. Ngan hang ong ca nam gi. 
English equivalent for A.
  1. When did you go to the bank?
  2. How long has he been working at the bank?
  3. On what street is the bank located?
  4. The bank closes at 5 o'clock.
B- Tell your friend that you are going to school, you say:
  1. Toi mi en tuan trc.
  2. Toi i th vien hom qua.
  3. Chung toi trng ve.
  4. Toi i hoc bay gi.  [Answer: 4]
English equivalents for B.
  1. I just arrived last week.
  2. I went to the library yesterday.
  3. We came back from school.
  4. I'm going to school now.
C- That restaurant is good, you say:
  1. Hieu an o ng nao?
  2. Anh an hieu an o hom qua, phai khong?
  3. Hieu an o ngon lam.  [Answer: 3]
  4. Hieu an o at lam
English equivalents for C.
  1. On what street is that restaurant located?
  2. You ate at that restaurant yesterday, didn't you?
  3. That restaurant is very good.
  4. That restaurant is very expensive.

Extra self tests prepared by Dan Dan Tu