Lesson 6
Phan D: T kiem Tra (Self-test)
Check your answers in Part D - Answers for self-tests.

D 1 - Complete these sentences, using words from the list below. (Use pencil and paper to           do this test.)
List of words:
  • ba thang
  • bao lau
  • bat au
  • b
  • biet
  • co
  • con
  • giau
  • khong
  • lam
  • roi
  • roi
  • thoi
1. Chao ch, hom nay ch __________ khoe __________?
2. Cam n anh, toi khoe __________ .
    __________anh, the nao?
3. Hom qua toi __________ om.
    Nhng bay gi khoe __________ .
4. Anh Viet Nam c __________ roi?
5. Toi c hai nam __________ . Con ch?
6. Toi c mot thang __________ .
    Tuan sau toi __________ hoc lch s Viet Nam.
7. Ch co               ba Que khong? Ba ay __________ lam.
    Sang nam ba ay se i Y __________ .

D 2 - Write this conversation in Vietnamese. ( Use pencil and paper to do this test.)

1. Hello, Carl.  How are you today?


2. I am fine, thank you, Nam.  And you, how goes it?


3. I'm well too, thanks.  How long have you been in Vietnam?


4. I've been here for six months.


5. Are you studying Vietnamese economics?


6. No, I'm not studying economics because it's very difficult. I've been studying
    Vietnamese language for five months, and next month I'll begin studying
    Vietnamese history.


7. How long did you study Vietnamese language in America?


8. I studied for two years.


These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for the website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the list.
List of words:
  • chung ta
  • chung toi
  • chung toi
  • chung toi
  • cha
  • au
  • hoi nao
  • nao
  • sao
  • tai
1- Anh va toi i th vien nhe.
    ______ ______ i th vien ______?
2- Co  ay  va anh i an ______?
    ______ ______ i an   hieu Viet Nam.
3- Hom nay cac anh lam bai o nhe.
    ______ ______ lam bai nao?
4- Hom qua ______ ch khong en gap toi?
    Da, ______ toi b om.
5- Toi xem phim o roi. Ch va anh Phong xem phim o ______?
    Da,______ ______ cha xem phim o.

D 4 - From sentences below, check one that fits the situation.
A - To inquire your friend's health.
  1. Anh i au ay?
  2. Chung ta vao lp nhe.
  3. Chao anh, anh co khoe khong?
  4. Hom nay chung ta an g?
B- To find out when the teacher explained Lesson 4.
  1. Ch hoc bai so bon roi, phai khong?
  2. Anh hoc bai so may?
  3. Co giao giang bai bon hoi nao?
  4. Co giao giang bai bon roi.
C- Find out if she was in class yesterday.
  1. Hom qua ch lam g?
  2. Hom qua toi khong i hoc.
  3. Hom qua ch co i hoc khong?
  4. Hom nay ch co i hoc khong?


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