Bai Sau - Lesson 6
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for self-test

D 1
Cue words:
(ba thang, bao lau, bat au, b, biet, co, con, giau, khong, lam, khong, lam, roi, roi, thoi)

1- Chao ch, hom nay ch co khoe khong?
2- Cam n anh, toi khoe lam.
    Con anh, the nao?
3- Hom qua toi b om.
    Nhng bay gi khoe roi.
4- Anh Viet Nam c bao lau roi?
5- Toi c hai nam roi.   Con ch?
6- Toi c mot thang thoi.
    Tuan sau toi bat au hoc lch s Viet Nam.
7- Ch co biet ba Que khong?   Ba ay giau lam.
    Sang nam ba ay se i Y ba thang.

D 2
1- Hello, Carl. How are you today?
    Chao anh Carl. Hom nay anh co khoe khong?
2- I am fine, thank you, Nam. And you, how goes it?
    Da, cam n anh Nam, toi khoe lam. Con anh, the nao?
3- I'm well too, thanks.  How long have you been in Vietnam?
    Da, cam n, toi cung khoe.  Anh Viet Nam (c) bao lau roi?
4- I've been here for six months.
    (Da) toi ay (c) sau thang roi.
5- Are you studying Vietnamese economics?
    Anh (co) hoc kinh te Viet Nam khong?
6- No, I'm not studying economics because it's very difficult.
    Khong, toi khong hoc kinh te v kho lam. 
    I've been studying Vietnamese language for five months.
    Toi hoc tieng Viet (c) nam thang roi, and next month I'll begin studying
    Vietnamese history.
  Va thang sau/ti toi (se) bat au hoc lch s Viet Nam.
7- How long did you study Vietnamese language in America?
    Anh hoc tieng Viet My (c) bao lau?
8- I studied for two years.
    Toi hoc (c) hai nam. 

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using words from the list below:

Cue words: 
(chung ta, chung toi,chung toi, chung toi, cha, sao, tai)
1- Anh va toi i th vien nhe.
    Chung ta i th vien nao?
2- Co ay va anh i an au?
    Chung toi i an hieu Viet Nam.
3- Hom nay cac anh lam bai o nhe.
    Da, chung toi lam bai nao?
4- Hom qua sao ch khong en gap toi?
    Tai toi b om.
5- Toi xem phim o roi. Ch va anh Phong xem phim o cha?
        Da., chung toi cha xem phim o.

English equivalents for D 3:
1- You and I, let's go to the library.
    Which library are we going to?
2- Where did you and she go to eat?/ Where are you and she going to eat?
    We went to eat at restaurant Viet Nam./ We'll go to eat at restaurant Viet Nam.
3- Today you all will work on that lesson.
    Yes, which lesson do we have to do?
4- Why didn't you come to see me yesterday?
    Because I was sick .
5- I saw that movie already. Did you (ms./Miss./Mrs.) see that movie yet?

D 4 - From sentences below ckeck one that best fits the situation.
A- To inquire your's friend health, you say:
  1. Anh i au ay?
  2. Chung ta vao lp nhe.
  3. Hom nay chung ta an g?
  4. Chao anh, anh co khoe khong?  [Answer: 4]
B- To find out when the teacher explained lesson 4, you say:
  1. Ch oc bai so may?
  2. Anh oc bai so bon roi, phai khong?
  3. Co giao giang bai bon hoi nao? [Answer: 3]
  4. Co giao giang bai bon roi.
C- Find out if she was in class yesterday, you say:
  1. Hom qua ch lam g?
  2. Hom qua toi khong i hoc.
  3. Hom qua ch co i hoc khong?  [Answer: 3]
  4. Hom nay ch co i hoc khong?
English equivalents for D4:
Question A:
  1. Where are you going?
  2. Let's go into the classroom.
  3. What will we eat today?
  4. Hello (Mr.) ,how are you?  (Are you well?)
Question B:
  1. What lesson are you studying?
  2. You alreday read lesson 4, didn't you?
  3. When did the teacher explain leson 4?
  4. The teacher already explained lesson 4.
Question C:
  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. I didn't go to school yesterday.
  3. Did you go to school yesterday?
  4. Are you going to school today?

Extra tests prepared by Dan Dan Tu