Lesson Five
Part E
- Answers for A, B, C, D

Part A:
Exercise 1


Tam & Bay Sau
Chao ong.  Chao ong. Chao ba, chao co.
Xin loi ong, ong ten la g? Da, ten toi la Sau.
Con ba, ten ba la g?
Da, ten toi la Tam. Con co, co ten la g?
Da, ten toi la Bay. Xin loi ba, bay gi la may gi?
Da, bay gi la mi mot gi, roi ong. Cam n ba.
Da, khong co g.


Bay gi la hai gi roi.
Bay gi la ba gi roi.
Bay gi la bon gi roi.
Bay gi la nam gi roi.
Bay gi la chn gi roi.


Exercise 2 (exercise 4 in the textbook)
1- Ten anh ay la Nam.
2- Ten ch ay la Lan
3- Ong Ba la ngi mien Bac.
4- Ch Helen la ngi Anh.
5- Ba Brown cung la ngi Anh.
6- ay la anh Minh va kia la ch Kim.


Execise 3 (exercise 5 in the text book)
1- Bay gi la bay gi.
2- Chn gi toi i.
3- Tam gi ong Khanh en.
4- Bay gi anh ay so mi mot ng Quang Trung.
5- Trc anh ay bon tram ba mi mot ng Ly Thng Kiet.
6- Co Maria sinh Me-tay-c.
7- Bay gi co ay song Los Angeles.
8- Anh Andrew thanh pho nao?


Exercise 4 (exercise 6 in the textbook)
1- Thay i au ay?
2- Toi i en nha ban toi.
3- Bay gi anh lam g, anh Trung?
4- Bay gi toi lam thng gia.
5- Anh en Viet Nam hoi nao?
6- Toi en thang trc.
7- Bao gi anh ve Bang Coc?
8- Th hai tuan ti toi ve.

Part B - Fill in the blanks
Exercise 1
(exercise 3 in the textbook)
1- Ch lam g?
2- Co lam bo nao?
3- Anh hoc g trng Oxford?
4- Bay gi ba song tieu bang nao?
5- Chu nhat nay ch i cau lac bo nao?
6- Xin loi co uong g bay gi?
7- Ch day trng nao?
8- Thang nao cac co ay ra trng?
9- Mai anh i bac s nao?
l0-Co viet g ay?


Exercise 2 (exercise 19 in the textbook)
Alice: Xin loi, anh la sinh vien, phai khong?
Thi: Da phai, toi la sinh vien.
Alice: Anh la ngi nc nao?
Thi: Da, toi la ngi Viet Nam.
Alice: Trc, Viet Nam anh lam g?
Thi: Da, trc, toi lam giao vien trng trung hoc.
Alice: Trng trung hoc ay au/ thanh pho nao?
Thi: Da, Saigon.
Alice: Bay gi Los Angeles anh lam g?
Thi: Toi hoc tieng Anh.
Alice: Anh hoc tieng Anh au/ trng nao?
Thi: Da, mot trng Gardena. Con ch, ch lam g?
Alice: Toi lam Bo Xa hoi.
Thi: Vay ch la vien chc a?
Alice: Da, toi la vien chc nhng toi cung la sinh vien.
Thi: Ch cung la sinh vien a?  The ch hoc g?
Alice: Toi hoc tieng Viet trng USC.

Part C - Reading for comprehension.
Exercise 1 (exercise 8 in the textbook)   
1- Mrs.Ha is the hostess. Yes ___X___ No _______
2- Derek is an Englisman. Yes _______ No ___X___
3- Mr. Harris is an American. Yes _______ No ___X___
4- Mrs. Sunaro is a Japanese. Yes _______ No ___X___
5- There are three women. Yes _______ No ___X___
6- There are four men. Yes ___X___ No _______


Exercise 2 (exercise 9 in the textbook)
1- John lam Bo Ngoai giao. Yes _______ No ___X___
2- Toi th bay John cung i lam Cau Lac Bo. Yes ___X___ No _______
3- Mary day Khoa Nghien cu Chau A. Yes _______ No ___X___
4- Mary hoc tieng In-o-ne-xi-a. Yes ___X___ No _______
5- Nam ti Mary i In-o-ne-xi-a. Yes ___X___ No _______
6- Mary hoc chnh tr hoc. Yes _______ No ___X___
7- John hoc lch s ong Nam A. Yes ___X___ No _______
8- Nam ti John cung i In-o-ne-xi-a. Yes _______ No ___X___


Exercise 3 (exercise 10 in the textbook)
1- Co Van va ch Le la ngi Viet, phai khong?
    Vang/Phai, co ay va ch ay la ngi Viet.
2- Hai ngi ay (those two people) la ngi Bac, phai khong?
    Khong, (hai ngi ay khong phai la ngi Bac).
    Co Van la ngi Trung va ch Le la ngi Nam.
3- Trc ho (they) au?
    Trc co Van Hue va/ con ch Le Can Th.
4- Con My ho au?
    My ho/hai ngi ay vung Gardena, Los Angeles.
5- Bay gi hai ngi ay en tham ong Ba, phai khong?
    Vang, (bay gi) hai ngi ay en tham ong Ba.
6- Bay gi ong Ba au?
    Bay gi ong ay San Diego.
7- Trc ong ay Viet Nam, phai khong?
    Vang, trc ong ay Viet Nam.
8- thanh pho nao?
    (Ong ay) (thanh pho) Ha Noi.
9- Ong Ba la ngi mien nao?
    Ong ay la ngi mien Bac.
10-Con anh Nam la ngi mien nao?
     Anh Nam la ngi mien Nam.
11-Bay gi hai ngi ay au?
     Bay gi hai ngi ay San Diego.
12-Ch Mary en tham ai?
     Ch Mary en tham ong Ba.
13-Bay gi ch ay lam au?
     Bay gi ch ay lam San Diego.
14-Trc ch ay au?
     Trc ch ay Melbourne ( Uc).
15-Ch ay la ngi nc nao?
     Ch ay la ngi Uc.
16-Ai la ban ong Ba?
     Anh Nam, co Van, ch Le, anh Robert, ch Sally va ch Mary la ban ong Ba.


Exercise 4 (exercise 7 in the textbook)
Co Mai la ngi Viet.
Question: Ai la ngi Viet.
Co ay la ngi Bac.
Question: Co ay la ngi mien nao?
Co ay sinh Ha Noi nhng song mien Nam, Saigon.
Question: Co ay sinh au/thanh pho nao?
Co ay en  My nam 1975 va hoc tieng Anh Los Angeles.
Question: Co ay en My (t) bao gi/hoi nao?
Co ay hoc g Los Angeles?
Nam 1977 co i hoc Trng ai hoc Tieu bang Ca-li.
Question:  Nam 1977 co lam g?
Co ra trng nam 1981 va xin lam bo Xa hoi tieu bang Texas.
Question: Co ra trng nam nao/ hoi nao/ bao gi?
Co xin lam bo Xa hoi tieu bang nao?
Nhng nam 1990 co ay ve Ca-li bay gi lam bo Di tru Los Angeles.
Question: Nam 1990 co ay ve au?
Bay gi co (ay) lam au?
Nam trc co Mai ve Viet Nam tham gia nh co.

Part D - Give Vietnamese equivalents for these expressions and conversations below:
Exercise 1
(exercise 11 in the textbook) 
your name (Miss) ten co
my name ten toi
Lan's house nha Lan
No.4 Pye Street so bon pho/ng Pye
What number? so may
which street? pho/ ng nao?
which suburb? vung nao?
which region? mien nao?
which country? nc nao?
businessman/woman thng gia
commerce thng mai
work where? lam au?
do what work lam g?
the fourth day hom th t
what day? ngay nao?
what time? may gi?
friend ban
lawyer luat s
(medical) doctor bac s
nurse y ta
social club cau lac bo
post office bu ien
(work) office s lam
dept. of Education Bo Giao Duc
eleven, twenty one mi mot, hai mi mot
tomorrow afternoon chieu mai
next week tuan sau, tuan ti
go next week tuan sau i, tuan ti i
go last week i tuan trc
meet him gap ong ay/gap anh ay
drink coffee uong ca- phe
teach Vietnamese history day lch s Viet Nam
write French language viet tieng Phap
work as public servant lam vien chc, lam cong chc
eat Vietnamese food an cm Viet
eat Vietnamese noodle soup an ph
go visit our professor i tham giao s chung toi
go to the cinma i xem phim
come to visit me en tham toi
go to school (occupation) i hoc
go to school (place) (i) en trng
come back from the library t th vien ve/ th vien ve
arrive from Nha Trang t Nha Trang en/ Nha Trang en
go to Singapore from Viet Nam t Viet Nam i Sin-ga-po/ Viet-Nam i Sin-ga-po
what kind of person (country of origin) ngi nc nao?


Exercise 2 (exercise 12 in the textbook)
What are you doing there (brother) Nam?
Anh lam g o anh Nam?
I'm studying Lesson Five.
Toi ang hoc bai Nam.
When will you read Lesson Six?
Bao gi anh oc bai Sau?
I'll read Lesson Six tomorrow morning .
Sang mai toi (se) oc bai Sau.
And how about you (sister), when are you going to read Lesson Six?
Con ch (the nao), bao gi ch oc bai Sau?
I read Lesson Six last night.
Toi oc bai Sau toi hom qua .
Really? Where are you going now?
The a? Bay gi ch i au?
I'm going to visit Lan.
Toi i tham ch Lan.
When did Lan come back from Hanoi?
A:  Ch Lan Ha Noi ve (t )bao gi?
B:  Ch Lan t Ha Noi ve (t) hoi nao?
She came back last week.
Ch ay ve tuan trc.
What are you girls going to do?
Hai ch (se) lam g?
We're going to the Cafe Lisa to have tea.
Chung toi (se) i Cafe Lisa uong tra.


Exercise 3 (exercise 14 in the textbook)
What date is this?
Hom nay la ngay may?
It's the 6th of April.
Hom nay la ngay mong sau thang t.
Thank you. What time did you come to the library?
Cam n anh.  Anh en th vien hoi may gi?
I came at 10:30 
Toi en hoi mi gi ri.
What time are you going home from the library?
May gi anh /t th vien ve?
I'm going home from the library at about one o'clock lunch time.
Toi (se) / t th vien ve chng mot gi tra.


Exercise 4 (exercise 16 in the textbook)
Hello. Where are you going?
Chao ch. Ch i au ay?
I'm going to the post office. And you? Where are you going?
Toi i bu ien. Con ch? Ch i au ay?
I'm going to the post office, too. What job are you doing now? (Where are you working now?)
Toi cung i bu ien. Bay gi ch lam g?
I'm working at the post office.
Toi lam bu ien.
What time are you going to work?
May gi ch i lam?
I go to work at 3:00.
Ba gi toi i lam .
You work from 3:00 to what time?
Ch lam t ba gi en may gi?
I work from 3:00 to 5:30 in the evening.
Toi lam t ba gi en nam gi ri chieu.
What time is it now?
Bay gi may gi roi?
It's 2:30.
Bay gi la hai gi ri roi.
Thank you.
Cam n ch.
You are welcome.
Da khong co g.


Exercise 5 (exercise 17 in the textbook)
You are going to London, aren't you?
Ch i Luan on, phai khong?
Da vang.
When are you going?
Bao gi ch i?
I'm going tomorrow.
Mai toi i.
What time tomorrow?
May gi sang mai ch i?
I'm going at 8:30 in the morning.
Tam gi ri sang mai toi i.
When will you be back from London?
Bao gi ch t/ Luan on ve?
I'll be back next month.
Thang ti toi ve.


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