Lesson 5
Part D - Give Vietnamese equivalents (use paper and pencil to do this exercise).
Check answers in Part E - Answers

Exercise 1 (exercise 11 in the textbook)

1- your name (miss)
2- my name
3- Lan's house
4- No.4 Pye Street
5- What number?
6- Which street?
7- Which suburb?
8- Which region?
9- Which country?
12-work where?
13-do what work?
14-the fourth day
15-what day?
16-what time?
19-(medical) doctor
21-social club
22-post office
23-(work) office
24-Dept. of Education
25-eleven, twenty one
26-tomorrow afternoon
27-next week
28-go next week
29-go last week
30-meet him
31-drink coffee
32-teach Vietnamese history
33-write French language
34-work as apublic servant
35-eat Vietnamese food
36-eat Vietnamese noodle soup
37-go visit our professor
38-go to the cinema
39-come to visit me
40-go to school (occupation)
41-go to the school (place)
42-come back from Nha Trang
43-arrive from Nha Trang
44-go to Singapore from Vietnam
45-what kind of person (country of origin)

Write these following conversations in Vietnamese.
Exercise 2 (exercise 12 in the textbook)
What are you doing there, (brother) Nam?
I'm studying Lesson Five.
When will you read Lesson Six?
I'll read Lesson Six tomorrow morning.
And how about you (sister), when are you going to read Lesson Six?
I read lesson Six last night.
Really? Where are you going now?
I'm going to visit Lan.
When did Lan come back from Hanoi?
She came back last week.
What are you girls going to do ?
We're going to the Cafe Lisa to have tea.

Exercise 3 (exercise 14 in the textbook)
You meet your friend Tom at the library.
You:       Ask Tom what date this is .
Tom:      says it's the 6th of April.
You:       thank him and ask what time he came to the library.
Tom:      says he came at 10:30.
You:       ask what time he's going home from the library.
Tom:     says he's going home from the library at about one o'clock lunch time.

Exercise 4 (exercise 16 in the textbook)
You haven't seen Kim for a long time.  Kim is your high school classmate.  Now you meet her on the street.
You: say hello to her and ask her where she's going.
Kim: says she's going to the post office, and asks where you're going.
You: reply that you're going to the post office, too; and ask what job she's doing now.
Kim: says that she's working at the post office.
You: ask what time she goes to work.
Kim: says she goes to work at 3:00.
You:  ask, so she works from 3:00 to what time.
Kim: says she works from 3:00 to 5:30 in the evening.
You: ask what time it is now?
Kim: says it's 2:30.
You: thank Kim.
Kim: responds.

Exercise 5 (exercise 17 in the textbook)
Your friend Carol is going to London.  You meet her on the street.
You: ask, isn't she going to London.
Carol: says yes she is.
You: ask when she's going.
Carol: says she's going tomorrow.
You: ask what time tomorrow.
Carol: says she's going at 8:30 in the morning.
You: ask when she'll be back from London.
Carol: says that she'll be back next month.


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