Lesson 5
Part C - Read for comprehension and answer questions about the text.
Note: Check the answers of Part C in Part E - Answers

Exercise 1 (exercise 8 in the textbook)
A - Read the following text and do the comprehension test below.  
Ba Ha en tham ong Ba.  Ong Ba gii thieu ba Ha vi ong Sunaryo va co Van.  Ong Ba cung gii thieu ba Ha vi anh Derek va ong Harris.  Ong Ba, ba Ha va co Van la ngi Viet.  Anh Derek la ngi Anh, ong Harris la ngi Canada, con ong Sunaryo la ngi In-o-ne-xia.  Co Van rat vui mng c gap c ba Ha.
T vng Vocabulary
en tham to come (to) visit
gii thieu to introduce
vi with
gii thieu...vi to introduce.....to.....
vui mng to be happy, pleased (informal)
vui mng c gap happy (to be able) to meet

B - Make a mark on the right answer  (use pencil and paper to do this exercise).
1- Mrs. Ha is the hotess. Yes ________ No________
2- Derek is an Englishman. Yes ________ No________
3- Mr. Harris is an Amerian.  Yes ________ No________
4- Mr. Sunaryo is a Japanese. Yes ________ No________
5- There are three women. Yes ________ No________
6- There are four men. Yes ________ No________

Exercise 2 (exercise 9 in the textbook)
A - Read the text and do the comprehension test below.
John la sinh vien trng ai hoc Tong hp Quoc gia Uc. Anh hoc Khoa Nghien cu Chau A.   Nam nay anh hoc tieng Viet va lch s ong Nam A.   Nam ti anh se hoc ngon ng hoc va chnh tr hoc.  Toi th nam, toi th sau va toi th bay anh i lam Cau Lac Bo.  Sang nay anh John i th vien va gap ch Mary o.   Mary lam Bo Ngoai giao.  Nam ti Mary se i In-o-ne-xia.  Bay gi Mary la nghien cu sinh Khoa Nghien cu Chau A.  Ch nghien cu lch s ong Nam A va hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia.
T vng Vocabulary
ai hoc tong hp University
quoc gia nation, national
anh (ay), ch (ay) he; she
khoa faculty, school
nghien cu to research, to study
(chau) A Asia (continent)
Khoa Nghien Cu Faculty of Asian Studies
Chau A Asia (continent)
ong east
nam south
ong Nam A Southeast Asia


B - Make a mark on the right answer (use paper and pencil to do this exercise).
1- John lam Bo Ngoai giao.   Yes ________ No _________
2- Toi th bay John cung lam Cau Lac Bo.  Yes ________ No _________
3- Mary day Khoa Nghien cu Chau A.   Yes ________ No _________
4- Mary hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia.   Yes ________ No _________
5- Nam ti Mary i In-o-ne-xia. Yes ________ No _________
6- Mary hoc chnh tr hoc. Yes ________ No _________
7- John hoc lch s ong Nam A. Yes ________ No _________
8- Nam ti John cung i In-o-ne-xia. Yes ________ No _________

Exercise 3 (exercise 10 in the textbook)
Reading exercise and questions.
Today many friends come to visit Mr. Ba at his home.
A - Bai tap oc
Ong Ba la ngi Viet Nam.   Ong ay la ngi Bac.  Trc ong ay Ha Noi, nhng bay gi ong ay San Diego.  Anh Nam en tham ong Ba.  Anh Nam cung la ngi Viet Nam.  Anh ay la ngi Nam. Trc anh ay Saigon. Bay gi anh ay cung San Diego. Co Van va ch Le khong San Diego. Ho vung Gardena, Los Angeles. Co Van la ngi Trung con ch Le la ngi Nam. Trc co Van Hue, con ch Le Can Th. Anh Robert va hai ch Sally, Mary cung en tham ong Ba. Ho gap anh Nam, co Van va ch Le nha ong Ba.  Anh Robert va ch Sally la ngi My. Anh Nam tng ch Mary cung la ngi My. Nhng khong phai, ch Mary la ngi Uc. Trc (ay) ch Mary Melbourne. Bay gi ch ay lam viec San Diego.
T  vng Vocabulary
khong not living in
ho they
tng to imagine, to take for
khong phai not correct
trc ay before now
lam viec to work


B - Cau hoi 
Answer in full sentences (use pencil and paper for this exercise).
1- Co Van va ch Le la ngi Viet, phai khong?


2- Hai ngi ay (those two people) la ngi Bac, phai khong?


3- Trc ho (they) au?


4- Con My ho au?


5- Bay gi hai ngi ay en tham ong Ba, phai khong?


6- Bay gi ong Ba au?


7- Trc, ong ay Viet Nam, phai khong?


8- thanh pho nao?


9- Ong Ba la ngi mien nao?


10-Con anh Nam la ngi mien nao?


11-Bay gi hai ngi ay au?


12-Ch Mary en tham ai?


13-Bay gi ch ay lam au?


14-Trc ch au?


15-Ch (ay) la ngi nc nao?


16-Ai la ban ong Ba?


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