Lesson 4
Phan D - Part D
Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
- Answers for self-test of Lesson Four

D 1
Cue words: 
(hoi nao, kem, luc, mong, mi, , ri, sau, trc, t )

1- Hom nay la th t vay tra nay toi se i bu ien.
2- Anh Viet Nam en Nhat hoi nao?
3- Toi en ngay mong chn thang trc.
4- Khoang ngay hai mi mot thang sau toi ve.
5- Hom nay ch en luc may gi?
6- Toi en tam gi kem hai mi.
7- Bon gi ri chieu ch se ve, phai khong?
8- Vang, hom nay toi lam t 8 gi en 4 gi 15.

D 2
1- What day (of the week) is today?
    Hom nay la th may?
    Yesterday was Friday, so today is Saturday.
    Hom qua la th sau, vay hom nay la th bay.
    What's the date today? 
    Hom nay la ngay may?
    Today is the 25th of January,1999.
    Hom nay la (ngay) hai mi lam thang gieng nam mot nghn chn tram chn mi chn.
2- When did you come to Viet Nam from Bangkok?
    Anh/Ch/.../t Bang Coc en Viet Nam (t) bao gi? 
    I came on the 9th of this month.
    Toi en hom/ngay mong chn thang nay.
    When are you returning to Canada?
    Bao gi anh/ch/... ve Canada?
    I'll return about the 15th of next month.
    Khoang (ngay) mi lam thang sau/ti toi ve.
3- What time did you go to the library today?
    Hom nay anh/ch/...i th vien luc may gi?
    I went at 1:00. I was in the library from 1:00 to 5:00 but didn't meet Mr. Hai.
    Toi i luc mot gi. Toi th vien t mot gi en nam gi nhng toi khong gap ong Hai.
    When will you meet Mr. Hai?
    Bao gi anh/ch/...(se) gap ong Hai?
    I'll meet him tomorrow about 3:30 in the afternoon.
    Khoang ba gi ri chieu mai toi (se) gap ong ay.
4- When did Phan Chu Trinh go to Japan from Viet Nam?
    Phan Chu Trinh Viet Nam sang Nhat (t) bao gi?
    He went in 1906. He met Phan Boi Chau in Japan.
    Ong ay i nam mot nghn chn tram linh sau. Ong ay gap ong Phan Boi Chau Nhat .

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using the words from the list below.
Cue words:
(bao gi, hoi nao, hoi nao, ngay, may, sang nay, thang nam, thang trc, th ba, th may, tuan nay)
1-  Hom qua la th hai, vay hom nay la th ba.
2-  Hom nay la ngay may?
3-  Th may anh i?
4-  Bao gi anh t Uc ve My?
5-  Ch ay ve Viet Nam hoi nao?
6-  Thang trc anh i au?
7-  Tuan nay toi i Saigon.
8-  Thang nam toi ra trng.
9-  Sang nay anh an g?
10-Ba ay day o hoi nao?

D 4 - From sentences below check one that fits the situation.
A- Find out where he is going, you'll say to him:
  1. May gi anh i?/ What time are you going?
  2. Ba gi ch ay en. / She'll arrive at three o'clock.
  3. Ba vung nao?/ Which area does she live?
  4. Anh i au?/ Where are you going?  [Answer: 4]
  5. Anh an g?/ What are you eating?
B- To find out what day is today, you say:
  1. Hom nay la ngay may?/ What date is today?
  2. Hom nay la th may?/ What day is today?   [Answer: 2]
  3. May gi ba i Saigon?/ What time are you going to Saigon?
  4. Hom nay anh ay My ve Uc./ Today he'll come back to Australia from the USA.
C- At five o'clock you're going to the National Library, you say:
  1. Bon gi toi i hoc./ I'm going to study at 4 o'clock .
  2. Th vien au?/ Where is the library?
  3. Ba gi toi i th vien Quoc gia./ I'm going to the National library at three o'clock.
  4. Nam gi toi t th vien Quoc gia ve nha./ I'll leave for home from National library at five o'clock.
  5. Nam gi toi i th vien Quoc gia./ I'll go to the National library at five o'clock. [Answer: 5]

Extra self tests by Dan Dan Tu