Lesson 3
Phan C - Part C
Bai tap - Exercises

C 1
Following the cues, A asks the question "What are you (doing) there?", and B answers.
Cue: (lam bai ba)
A: Ch lam g ay/o?
B: Toi lam bai ba.
1- hoc (bai 4)
2- day (luat)
3- xem (phim Saigon)
4- an (ph)
5- uong (ca-phe)
6- an (cm Tau)

C 2
Practice asking and answering these questions.  In your answer remember to be accurate in the PERSON category.

Cue: (bu ien)
A:  Anh i au o?
B:  Toi i bu ien.
1. Ch i au? (Bo Giao duc)
2. Cac anh i au ay? (th vien)
3. Ba Xuan i au o? (hieu an)
4. Ch Le i au? (uong tra)
5. Cac ch i au ay? (chi)
6. Ba i au ay? (tham ong Ba)

C 3
Using the cued term of address, A asks B "Where are/is              going?, and B makes up answer.

Cue: anh
A:  Anh i au ay?
B:  Toi i Bo Xa hoi.
  • ba
  • co
  • anh ay
  • ch Hoa
  • cac ch
  • ong Thanh

C 4
Following the cue, B gives an answer to A's question.
Cue: (y ta)
A:  Bay gi ch lam g?
B:  (Bay gi) toi lam y ta.
1. Ong Hung lam g? (bac s)
2. Bay gi anh lam g? (ky s )
3. Bay gi ch hoc g? (ngon ng hoc)
4. Ba gi ch hoc g? (mon kinh te )
5. Mi mot gi ch hoc g? (lch s )
6. Co Hoa an g? (cm Tau)

C 5 (C6 in the textbook)
Give Vietnamse equivalents.
1. Where are you going (right now)?
  • I'm going to the Department of Education.
  • You work there,eh?
  • Yes, I do. And where are you (plural) going?
  • We're going to class.
2. What are you doing now, Hung?(Hung, a man)
  • I'm a businessman.
  • How about you? What are you doing now?
  • I'm public servant in the Department of Social Welfare, but I'm a student too.
3. You are a high school teacher, aren't you?
  • Yes, I teach at Phan Chu Trinh School, but I'm a student too.
  • You're also student, eh? So what are you studying?
  • I'm studying French.
  • So what level are you studying?
  • I'm studying first-year French.
  • Where are you studyding?
  • I'm studying at the French library.
4. Where are you going now?
  • I'm going to the club Hoan Kiem.
  • What are you going to do there (lam g o)?
  • I'm going to meet (gap) friends and drink coffee.

C 6 (C7 in the textbook)
Bai tap oc - Reading Exercise
Read the conversation and practice it with each other.
Hear the Whole Dialog

spkr.gif (282 bytes) Intro: Ch Lan va anh John gap nhau cau lac bo.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan: Chao anh.  Ten toi la Lan.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John: Chao ch Lan.  Ten toi la John.  Han hanh c gap ch.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan:

Toi cung rat han hanh c gap anh.  Anh la ngi Ca-na-a, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John:

Da khong.  Toi la ngi My.  Con ch la ngi Viet,
phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan: Da vang.  Xin loi, anh lam au?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John: Toi lam Th vien Quoc gia.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan: Anh lam Th vien Quoc gia a?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John: Vang.  Con ch, ch lam g?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan: Da, toi la sinh vien.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John: Ch la sinh vien a? The ch hoc g?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan: Da, toi hoc tieng Anh, ngon ng  hoc, lch s va chnh tr.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John: Ch ra trng se lam g?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Lan: Toi se lam vien chc.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) John: Bay gi chung ta i uong ca-phe nhe.
T vng Vocabulary
gap nhau to met together/each other
han hanh to be honored, pleased
toi han hanh c gap ch. I'm pleased to meet you (Formal)
rat VERB very VERB
th vien quoc gia national library
se will, shall
xin to request
chung ta we(Inclusive: you and I)
nhe all right?
Chung ta...nhe. Let's....., all right?

Vietnamese equivalent for exercise C5 (C6 in the textbook)
1. Anh/ Ch/.. au ay/o?
  • Toi i Bo Giao duc.
  • Anh/Ch/...lam o a?
  • Da vang (toi lam o). Con cac anh/ch/...i au ay/ o?
  • Chung toi i hoc.
2. Bay gi anh lam g,  anh Hung?
  • Da, toi lam/la thng gia.
  • Con anh/ch/..., bay gi anh/ch/...lam g?
  • Toi la vien chc/ cong chc bo Xa hoi, nhng toi cung la sinh vien.
3. Anh/Ch /..la giao vien/ giao s, phai khong?
  • Vang toi day trng Phan Chu Trinh, nhng toi cung la sinh vien.
  • Anh/Ch/..cung la sinh vien a?
  • The anh/ch/...hoc g?
  • Toi hoc tieng Phap.
  • The anh/ch/..hoc lp may?
  • Toi hoc tieng Phap nam th nhat.
  • Anh/Ch/...hoc au?
  • Toi hoc th vien Phap.
4. Bay gi anh/ch/...i au?
  • Toi i Cau lac bo Hoan  Kiem.
  • Anh/Ch/...lam g o?
  • Toi gap ban va uong ca-phe.

English equivalents for C6 (C7 in the textbook).
Lan and John meet each other at a social club.
Lan: Hello (brother).  My name is Lan.
John: Hello, Lan.  My name is John .  I am pleased to meet you.
Lan: I'm, also very pleased to meet you.  You're Canadian, aren't you?
John: No, I'm American.  And you're Vietnamese.   Aren't you?
Lan: Yes.  Excuse me, where do you work?
John: I work at the National Library.
Lan: You work at the National Library, do you?
John: Yes.  And you, what do you do?
Lan: I'm a (tertiary) student.
John: You're student, are you? So what do you study?
Lan: I study English language, linguistics, history, and political science.
John: What are you going to do when you graduate?
Lan: I'll apply to work as a public servant.
John: Let's go have some coffee now, all right?


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