Lesson 3
Phan D - Part D
Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
- Answers for self-test of Lesson Three.

D 1

1- Chao ch. Ch i au ay?
2- Toi i en trng.
3- Ch hoc a?
4- Da khong, toi day o.
5- Ch day g?
6- Toi day tieng Viet.
    Con anh , anh cung i en trng a?
    Anh cung la giao vien, phai khong?
7- Da khong, bay gi toi la sinh vien.
    Toi hoc kinh te nam th nhat.

D 2
1- What are you doing now, John?
    Bay gi anh lam g, anh John?
    I'm working at the Department of Foreing Affairs.
    Toi lam Bo Ngoai giao.
    And you, Jane, what are you doing now?
    Con ch Jane, bay gi ch lam g?
    I'm working as a teacher, but I'm also a student.
    Toi la/lam giao vien/giao s, nhng toi cung la sinh vien.
    You are also a student, are you?  So what are you studying?
    Ch cung la sinh vien a?  The ch hoc g?
    I'm studying law and Spanish.
    Toi hoc luat va tieng Tay-ban-nha.
    You're going to Spain, are you?
    Ch se i Tay-ban-nha a?
    No, I'm not going to Spain, I'm going to Mexico.
    Khong, toi khong i Tay-ban-nha, toi i Me-tay-c.
2- Where are you going (right now)?   (young woman to three young men)
    Cac anh i au/ o?
    We're going to the hospital. 
    Chung toi i benh vien.
    You work there, do you?
    Cac anh lam o a?
    Yes, we work there. And you, where are you going now?
    Vang, chung toi lam o. Con ch, ch i au o?
    I'm going to the club to drink coffee.
    Toi i cau lac bo uong ca-phe.

D 3 - Fill in the blanks using words from the list. ( These tests are not in the textbook.  They are for website users only.)
bay gi, au, g, giao s, hieu an, lam, may, phai khong, ph, sinh vien, th vien, uong, y ta)
1-  Ch ay lam y ta benh vien Phap.
2-  Thay Sn lam giao s trng Lam Sn.
3-  Toi la sinh vien trng Tran Hng ao .
4-  Bay gi co ay lam g o?
5-  Ch hoc lp may?
6-  Anh i au ay?
7-  Co ay i th vien .
8-  Mi hai gi chung ta i hieu an .
9-  Bay gi ba i lam, phai khong?
10-Ch an cm g?
11-Bay gi chung ta i uong bia .
12-Anh ay i an ph .
13-Bay gi ch hoc g?

D 4 - English equivalents for exercise # D 4
1- Ask what time your group is going to the library, you say:
  1. What time did you arrive at the library?
  2. We'll go to the library at 2 o'clock.
  3. What time are you going to the library?
  4. What street is the library located?
  5. What time are we going to the library? [Answer: e]
2- Tell your friend that Miss Hoa is a student in history, you say:
  1. She teaches history.
  2. She is a nurse.
  3. She studies history.  [Answer: c]
  4. She also teaches history.
3- Tell her that you're happy to see her, you say:
  1. Where does she work as a doctor?
  2. I'm very happy to meet Miss Lan.
  3. She's very happy to see you.
  4. I'm very happy to meet you.  [Answer: d]

Answers for extra self tests by Dan Dan Tu