Phan C - Bai tap 11, 12, 13, 14
Part C - Exercises 11, 12, 13, 14

Bai tap 11
Give Vietnamese equivalents. (Be sure to have the right tone marks for the proper names.)
(Anh Giang va ch Carolyn noi chuyen ien thoai)

Giang: So you're going downtown eh?

Yes, I intend to buy some Vietnamese souvenirs.  I want to send a few gifts to my parents.
Giang: What are you going to do after that?
Carolyn: I'm going to the post office.  I need to buy some stamps, then after that I'm going to the library.
Giang: Oh, before you go, stop by my place, O.K.?
Carolyn: What's up?
Giang: I want to ask you to return one or two books to the library. Can You?
Carolyn: Sure I can.  Oh, Where is the Tan Xuan Bookshop? Do you know?
Giang: Yes. It's not far from the souvenir shop, on the corner (goc) of Doan Thi Diem Street and Phan Boi Chau Street. Go straight down Doan Thi Diem Street and cross Phan Boi Chau, and the bookshop is on the left. You're going to buy some books, are you?
Carolyn: No, I'm not going to buy anything, I'm only going to look at a Vietnamese cookbook.  I'll come by your place in a little bit.

Bai tap 12 - Give Vietnamese equivalents (writing out the numbers).
( ca hang ban o lu niem Viet Nam My.)  
Linda: This is very pretty. What do you call this in Vietnamese?
Salesperson: (Polite) This is a picture.
Linda: How much is this picture?
Salesperson: (Polite) $55.
Linda: And this red vase?
Salesperson: $22.
Linda: That's a little expensive.  Could you reduce it a little?
Salesperson: This vase is very pretty, very precious, and comes from (belongs to) France but for I'll sell it for $19; is that all right, Miss?
Linda: Yes.  And these blue rice bowls, which kind is the least expensive.
Salesperson: These.  They're 30c a piece.
Linda: But those over there are prettier.   How much are they?
Salesperson: 45c a piece.  They're from Hong Kong.
Linda: I'll buy the red vase and could I have four of the Hong Kong bowls.
Salesperson: "Wrap". Yes, I'll wrap them for you.

Could you....(makes motion of wrapping)...for me? How do you say that in Vietnamese?
Salesperson: Yes. You speak Vietnamese very well.   Whenever you're free, stop by here and chat for fun, O.K.?
Linda: Thank you. Here, I'll pay you $20.80.

Bai tap 13 - Check which meaning of cho is correct for each of these sentences.
give to for allow
1- Hom qua me toi mua cho toi rat nhieu qua.
2- Tuan sau me toi se cho toi nhieu qua na.
3- Anh lam cai nay cho toi, c khong?
4- Ong ay ban cho toi hai cai bnh ln.
5- Cho toi mua bc tranh nay.
6- Anh cho toi cai tem nay, c khong?
7- Ch cho toi mn xe ap, c khong?
8- Khi nao ch tra tien cho toi?
9- A! Anh em coc bia cho toi nhe!
10-Anh mua mot cai bu anh cho toi nhe!

Bai tap 14
Read the conversation, pratice it with each other, then retell it briefly, first in English then in Vietnamese.
Robert: Hom nay la th may roi, ch Sally?
Sally: Hom qua t, vay hom nay la th nam.
Robert: O the hom nay chung ta i an cm hieu an Viet Nam a?
Sally: Vang.
Robert: Vui qua nh? The chung ta i hieu an nao?
Sally: Co le se i hieu Que Viet. Ngi ta noi banh cuon Que Viet ngon lam.
Robert: Hieu Que Viet au?  Co xa khong?
Sally: Khong xa lam.  Hieu o ng Pine, ben canh rap Capitol.
Robert: The chung ta i bang g?
Sally: Ch Mary mi chung ta i xe cua ch.
Robert: O, thch qua! May gi chung ta i?
Sally: Khoang 12 gi.
Robert: Bay gi la may gi roi?
Sally: Chn ri.
Robert: Tri i! Con nhng gan ba gi na!  Toi bat au thay oi bung roi.
Sally: The sang nay anh khong an g ha?

Co ch! Nhng toi ch an co mot con ga, hai mieng b-tet, va nam qua
trng thoi.
T vng Vocabulary
nh right? think so?
o thch qua oh, that's great!
tr i oh heavens!
nhng gan almost all of ( Emphatic)
ch Verb co Noun thoi only Verb noun- that's all
con ga a (whole) chicken
mieng piece
b tet beefsteak
qua trng egg


Tap viet
From the sentences in the conversation write these sentences in Vietnamese (can you write them all without looking ?).
1- We (you and I) are going to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant today.


2- So what restaurant are we going to?


3- People say that the Que Viet steamed spring rolls are very good.


4- The Que Viet restaurant isn't very far.


5- It's on Pine Street next to the Capitol Theater.


6- So how are we going?


7- Mary has asked us to go in her car.


8- Oh great! So what time are we going? About 12:00.


9- Oh heavens, it's still almost ( all of) three hours more!


10-I'm brginning to feel hungry already.


11-So didn't you eat anything for breakfast?


12-Of course, but only a piece of beefsteak and three eggs.


Bai tap 11 - Answers for part C
Giang: Ch i pho ha?
Carolyn: Vang, Toi nh mua vai o lu niem Viet Nam.
Giang: Sau o ch lam g?
Carolyn: Toi i bu ien. Toi can mua tem va/ roi sau o toi i th vien.
Giang: O, trc khi i ch (hay) ghe lai toi nhe.
Carolyn: Co viec g vay?
Giang: Toi muon nh ch tra hai quyen/cuon sach cho th vien.  c khong, ch?
Carolyn: c ch/ch.  O, tiem sach Tan Xuan au? Anh biet khong?

Biet. Hieu?  Tiem o khong xa hang ban o lu niem, goc ng/pho oan Th iem va ng/pho Phan Boi Chau. Ch i thang ng/pho oan Th iem va i qua ng Phan Boi Chau, hieu/tiem sach ben tay trai.  Ch i mua sach a?

Khong. Toi khong mua g ( ca). Toi i xem sach nau an Viet Nam thoi. Mot lat na/chut na toi ( se ) ghe lai anh.

Bai tap 12
Linda: Cai nay ep lam.  Cai nay tieng Viet goi la g?
Ngi ban: Da, cai nay la bc tranh.
Linda: Bc tranh nay bao nhieu (tien), co/ong/...?
Ngi ban: Da, nam mi lam ong.
Linda: Con cai bnh (mau) o nay?
Ngi ban: Da, hai mi ong.
Linda: Toi thay hi at/mac. Co/ong/ba/....(co the) bt ( mot chut) c khong?
Ngi ban:

Cai bnh nay ep lam, qu lam va cua Phap, nhng toi e/ban cho co mi chn ong, c khong, co ?
Linda: Da c.  Con may cai bat/chen ( mau ) xanh nay, loai/hieu nao re nhat/nht?
Ngi ban: Da, loai/ hieu nay (re nhat/nht) - ba mi xu mot cai.
Linda: Nhng loai/hieu/may cai kia ep hn. Cai kia bao nhieu?
Ngi ban: Da, bon mi lam xu mot cai.  Loai/hieu/cai nay cua Hong Kong.

Toi mua cai bnh o nay va cho toi mua bon cai bat/chen Hong Kong.
Co/ong/ba...ay....cho toi nhe. (Nh)  the nay tieng Viet noi the nao, co/ong/ba/?
Ngi ban: Da, goi. Vang toi se goi cho co.
Linda: Cam n co/ong/....ay, toi tra cho co/ong/.... hai mi ong tam mi (xu).
Ngi ban:

Vang.  Co noi tieng Viet gioi lam.  Khi nao ranh co ghe lai ay noi chuyen chi nhe.

Ba tap 13

give to for allow
1- Hom qua me toi mua cho toi rat nhieu qua.


2. Tuan sau me toi se cho toi nhieu qua na.    x
3- Anh lam cai nay cho toi c khong?     x
4- Ong ay ban cho toi hai cai bnh ln.       x
5- Cho toi mua bc tranh nay.     x
6- Anh cho toi cai/con tem nay, c khong?    x
7- Ch cho toi mn xe ap, c khong?     x
8- Khi nao ch tra tien cho toi.       x
9- A! Anh em mot coc bia cho toi nhe!       x  
10-Anh mua mot cai bu anh cho toi nhe!      x

Bai tap 14 - Tap viet
1- Hom nay (hai) chung ta i an cm hieu an Viet Nam.


2- The chung ta i an hieu nao?


4- Hieu an Que Viet khong xa lam.


5-Hieu o ng Pine ben canh rap Capitol.


6- The chung ta i bang g?


7- Ch Mary mi chung ta di xe cua ch ay.


8- O, thch qua. The may gi chung ta i?  Khoang mi hai gi.


9-Tri i!. Con nhng gan ba gi na!


10-Toi bat dau thay oi bung roi.


11-The sang nay anh khong an g ha?


12-Co ch! Nhng (toi) ch an co mot mieng b-tet va ba qua trng thoi.


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