Lesson 2
Phan B - Part B
Chu thch - Notes on Patterns and Grammar

B 1-
 may and roi
Notice that here again the question word comes in the same place as the answer, in this case the number of hour.  The word meaning 'already' is used frequently in Vietnamese.  It has a sense of something happening already, or having happened already, or a state having been reached already.
Question: May gi roi? or Bay gi (la) may gi (roi).
Answer: Mot gi roi. or Bay gi (la) mot gi (roi).

B 2
Hear the Whole Drill
Time question plus motion
(i, en, ve).
Question: May gi ch i Saigon?
May gi ch ve Saigon?
May gi ch en Saigon?
Answer: Bon gi toi en Saigon.
ve= to return (to), return home Hai gi toi ve Saigon.
en= to come to, arrive at Ba gi toi en Saigon.

B 3
Hear the Whole Drill
Anh au?
Ch ay au?
Co Sarah au?
ThayLinh au?
Toi Paris.
Ch ay Indonesia.
Co ay Chicago.
Thay ay Can Th.

B 4
Hear the Whole Drill
Person To be at Place Which / name
Ch pho nao?
Anh vung nao?
Co a ch nao?
Ba Cuc thanh pho nao?
Ong Ba tieu bang nao?
Co Hien tnh nao?
Toi pho High.
Toi vung Westminster
Toi so mi chn pho Manchester.
Ba ay (thanh pho ) Honolulu.
Ong ay (tieu bang) Victoria.
Co ay





Thanh Hoa.


T vng Vocabulary
thanh pho  city, town
tieu bang state (of a federation)
tnh province

B 5
The word
may be a verb or a preposition.  It is a location word: As a verb it means 'stay at, be at/in/on' ;as a preposition it means 'at, in, on'It is not generally used with the motion verb i, en, or ve.

Hear the WholeDrill
Person Stay Place Which / name at Larger place
1 - Ch pho nao Bang Coc?
2 - Anh ay vung nao Sydney?
3 - Thay tieu bang nao My?
4 - Ba tnh nao Viet Nam?
1 - Toi pho  Sathorn Bang Coc.
2 - Anh ay vung Newton Sydney.
3 - Toi (tieu bang) Ca-li My.
4 - Toi (tnh) Hoa Bnh Viet Nam.

B. 6.1
Hear the Whole Drill
The preposition
  is used after other verbs.  Asking where.
Person Action at Where / place
Ong song au?
Em sinh au?
Co Thuan day au?
Anh Brian lam au?
Toi song tieu bang Texas.
Toi sinh Viet Nam.
Co ay day Trng Yale.
Anh ay lam Bo Xa hoi.
Anh ay lam Bo Tai chnh
Anh ay lam Bo Giao duc
Anh ay lam Bo di tru
Anh ay lam Bo Noi vu
Anh ay





Bo Y te


T vng Vocabulary
Bang Coc Bangkok
Ca-li California
song to live
sinh/sanh to be born
day to teach
Bo Xa hoi  Ministry of Social Welfare
Bo Tai chnh Ministry of Finance
Bo Giao duc  Ministry of Education
Bo Di tru Ministry of Immigration
Bo Noi vu Ministry of Interior
Bo Y te Ministry of Health

B 6.2
Hear the Whole Drill
Preposition after other verbs.  Asking about which place.
() in a question:
Person Action at Place Which / place
Ong song tieu bang nao?
Ba Chi sinh   mien nao?
Thay Phu day trng nao?
Anh Minh lam thanh pho   nao?
Anh hoc tieu bang   nao?
Co Kim hoc nc nao?
Use () in an answer:
Toi song   tieu bang Texas.
Ba ay sinh   mien   Trung.
Thay ay day   trng Phan Chu Trinh.


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