Lesson 2
Phan C - Part C
Bai Tap - Exercises

C 1 - Write out the Vietnamese word for the appropriate number:
(Use paper and pencil to do this exercise.)
1- _________________gi. one.
2- _________________gi. two.
3- _________________gi. three.
4- _________________gi. four.
5- _________________gi. five.
6- _________________gi. six.
7- _________________gi. seven.
8- _________________gi. eight.
9- _________________gi. nine.
10- ________________gi. ten.
11- ________________gi. eleven.
12- ________________gi. twelve.

C 2- Give written answers to the questions.
Cue: three
A- May gi roi?
B- Da, ba gi (roi).   
1- Bay gi may gi roi? two.
2- Bay gi la may gi roi? nine.
3- May gi roi? one.
4- May gi ch ve? six.
5- May gi anh i? ten.
6- May gi ong ay en? seven.

C 3- Now listen to the questions and answer orally.
Using the cue words, A asks B what time B (or C) will go and B makes up answer.
(Use pencil and paper to do this exercise.)
Cue: anh, ba.
A- May gi anh i?
B- Ba gi toi i.
1- A- May gi          i? Cue: ch, hai
     B-          gi toi i.
2- A- May gi          i? ba, bon
     B-          gi          i.
3- A- May gi          i? ong, sau
     B-          gi          i.
4- A- May gi          i? co, tam
     B-          gi          i.
5- A- May gi          i? ch ay, mi
     B-          gi          i.
6- A- May gi          i? anh Thi, chn
     B-          gi          i.
7- A- May gi          i? ch Alice, mi hai
     B-          gi          i.
8- A- May gi          i? anh ac, bay
     B-          gi          i.

C 4- Write about yourself, filling in the blanks.
(Use paper and pencil to do this exercise.)

1- Ten toi la                                         .
2- Toi la ngi                                         .
3- Toi sinh   _______________________________________.
4- Bay gi toi                          pho                        
    vung                          (thanh pho)                        .
5- Toi hoc trng                                         .
6- Bay gi toi lam                                         .

C 5- Following the cue, and give a complete answer.
Cue: trng Gia Long
A - Ch Nga day au?
B - Ch ay day trng Gia-Long.
1- Anh sinh au? Saigon
2- Co hoc au? trng Chu Van An
3- Ba song au? mien Nam
4- Thay Long day trng nao? Phan Chu Trinh
5- Ch Arunee song nc nao? Thai Lan
6- Co Ann lam vung nao thanh pho New York? Manhattan

C 6- Give Vietnamese equivalents for the following sentences:
1- What time is it?
  • It's 3:00.
2- What time is it now?
  • It's 6:00.
  • What time are you going to Can Th?
  • I'm going at 7:00.
3- Excuse me, what time is it now?
  • It's 4:00.
  • Thank you.
  • That's alright.
4- Where do you live now?
  • I live in Montreal.
  • Anh you, where are you living now?
  • I live in Toronto.
5- You're living in Saigon, aren't you?
  • Yes, I'm.
  • In what suburb in Saigon?
  • Tan nh.
  • In what street in Tan inh?
  • In Hai Ba Trung (Hai Ba Trng) street.
  • What number?
  • Twelve.
6- Where are you studying?
  • I'm studying at Harvard.
  • And you, where are you studying?
  • I've graduated from school.
  • I'm working in the Department of Education.

C 7- Bai Tap oc - Reading Exercise
Read this conversation; pratice it.
Hoi thoai - Conversation
Hear the Whole Dialog
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Chao ch.  Ten toi la Ron.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Chao anh.  Ten toi la Anne.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Ch Anne, ch la ngi nc nao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne:

Toi sinh Phap.   Trc, toi la ngi Phap, nhng bay gi toi la ngi My.  Con anh, anh la ngi Uc, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Vang, bay gi toi la ngi Uc, nhng toi sinh Luan-on.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Bay gi anh au?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Bay gi toi Sydney.   Con ch, bay gi au?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Trc, toi Nu c, nhng bay gi toi cung Sydney.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Ch lam viec Sydney, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne:

Da vang, toi day trng ai hoc Macquarie.  Con anh, anh la vien chc, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Vang, toi la vien chc nhng toi cung la sinh vien.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: The a? Anh hoc trng nao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Toi hoc ai hoc New South Wales.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: The anh lam au?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Toi lam Bo Di tru.   Ch song vung nao Sydney?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Toi vung Ultimo.  Con anh vung nao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Toi vung Bankstown.  Xin loi ch, bay gi la may gi roi?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Da, sau gi.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Cam n ch.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Khong co g.  May gi anh i hoc?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ron: Toi i bay gi.  Thoi, chao ch nhe.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Anne: Vang, chao anh.
T vng Vocabulary
nhng but
Luan-on London
Nu c New York
lam viec work (Lit. do work)
trng ai hoc university
vien chc public servant
sinh vien tertiary student
The a? Is that so?
Thoi That's all.Well...
nhe. all right?

Vietnamese equivalent for Exercise C6.
1. May gi roi.
  • Ba gi roi.
2. Bay gi la may gi roi.
  • (Bay gi la) sau gi (roi).
3. Xin loi anh/ch/..., bay gi la may gi (roi)?
  • (Bay gi la) bon gi (roi).
Cam n anh/ch/...
  • Da khong co g.
4. Bay gi anh/ ch/ ... au?
  • (Da,) toi Montreal.
Con ch/anh/..., bay gi ch/anh/... au?
  • Da, Toronto.
5. Bay gi anh/ch/...  Saigon, phai khong?
  • Da vang/phai ( toi Saigon).
Anh/ Ch/... vung nao   Saigon?
  • Da, (toi ) vung Tan nh.
Anh/Ch/... pho/ ng nao Tan nh?
  • Da, (toi ) pho/ng Hai Ba Trng.
(Anh/Ch/..) so may (pho/ng Hai Ba Trng)?
  • Da, so mi hai.
6. Anh/Ch/...hoc au?
  • Toi hoc trng Harvard.
Con anh/chi/..., anh/ch/... hoc au?
  • Toi ra trng roi.
  • Toi lam Bo Giao duc


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