Lesson 2
Phan D - Part D
Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
- Answers for self-test of Lesson Two.

D 1
1- May gi anh ve?
2- Bay gi la sau gi.
3- Ch ay lam au?
4- Anh ay hoc trng Van Hanh, phai khong?
5- Xin loi anh, bay gi may gi roi?
6- Toi so mi mot pho King.
7- May gi ba i Ha Noi? Tam gi toi i.
8- Bay gi ong vung nao? Bay gi toi tnh Ha Tay.
    Trc toi tnh Ha Bac.
Cue words:
bay gi
may gi
phai khong
xin loi

D 2
1- What time is it now?
    Bay gi la may gi roi?
    It's 4:00.
    (Bay gi la) bon gi roi.
2- What time are you coming back?
    May gi anh/ch/... ve?
    I'll return at 6:00 .
    Sau gi toi ve. 
3- Where do you live?
    Anh/ch/.. au?
    I live on Miller Street in Hayward suburb.
    Toi pho/ng Miller vung Hayward.
4- What is your address?
    a ch anh/ch/.. la g?
    I live at 12 Miller Street.
    Toi so mi hai pho/ng Miller.
5- In what school are you studying?
    Anh/ch .... hoc trng nao?
    In Monash.
    Da trng Monash.
6- And you, where are you studying?
    Con anh/ch/..., anh/ch... hoc au?
    At Yale.
    Da, toi hoc Yale.
7- Phong has finished school already.
    Anh Phong ra trng roi.
    He's working in the Immigration Dept.
    Anh ay lam Bo Di tru.
8- Thank you.  (To an older woman, formal).  Oh, it's nothing.
    Cam n ba.  Da, khong co g.

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for the website users only.
D 3 - English equivalents.
1- Bay gi may gi roi?
    What time is it now?
    Da, ba gi mi.
    It's 3:10.
2- May gi anh i hoc?
    What time are you going to school?
    Bon gi toi i.
    I'm going at 4:00.
3- Xin loi ba, bay gi ba au?
    Excuse me Mrs., where do you live now?
    Da, toi vung Rockville.
    I live in Rockville.
4- Nha ba so may pho Blue Ridge?
    What is your house number on Blue Ridge street?
     Da, so mi hai .
5- Ch hoc au?
    Where do you study?
    Toi ra trng roi. Bay gi toi lam Bo Ngoai Giao.
    I have graduated from school.  Now I work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6- Thay ay day au?
    Where does he teach?
     Da, thay ay day trng Hai Ba Trng.
    He teaches at Hai Ba Trung School.

D 4 - Select the one you think best fit the situation.
Answer for #1 : d
Answer for #2 : b
Answer for #3 : c
English equivalents for #4


Question 1:
  1. I work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. She has graduated from school.
  3. I study at Cornell University.
  4. I have graduated from school.
Question 2:
  1. 7:00 o'clock I'll arrive in Saigon.
  2. 3:00 o'clock I'll go to Saigon.
  3. 3:00 she'll go to Saigon.
Question 3:
  1. Where does she teach?
  2. Where do you (Mrs.) study?
  3. Where do you (Mrs.) live?
  4. Where do you (Mrs.) work?

Answers for extra tests prepared by Dan Dan Tu