Lesson 19
Phan D: T Kiem Tra (Self-test)

D1 - Fill the blanks appropriately from the list.
List of words:

  • cho
  • g
  • g
  • khong
  • mi
  • nao
  • ngay
  • ngi ta
  • th
  • xem
1- ________  ong ba dung cm.
2- Xin i mot chut, toi se en ________.
3- Hom nay co  _____ mi khong?
4- Co ay _______ noi _____ trc.
5- Theo co, hai cai bnh nay, cai  _____ ep?
6- Ch nen mua ______ loai che nay ______.
7- Anh ay nh sang Viet Nam chi _____ biet.
8- ________ noi khach san o th de chu hn.

D 2 - Give Vietnamese equivalents.
1- Mr. and Mrs, Chan plan to go to the Thanh Ly restaurant to see what it's like,
    because people say the food at that restaurant is very good. They walk to
    Phan Chu Trinh Street and go into the Thanh Ly Restaurant.
  • Hello. Please sit at this table.
  • Thank you.  Could we have some orange juice first.
  • Yes, here's the menu. Today we have two special dishes, beef fried with mushrooms and steamed spring rolls.  According to me, you should try the steamed spring rolls (to see what they're like).
  • Then bring us a plate of steamed spring rolls and two bowls of ph.
2- The next day they go to Miss Lan's house to eat.
  • Ah, you've come.  Please come in and sit down (and relax).
3- Oh hello, Mr. and Mrs. Danta.  Hello, Roberto.  Hello, Maria.  Please come this way.
  • Thank you, Lan.
  • Here's a menu. Do you want anything to drink first?
  • Yes, please bring me a glass of beer, and bring my wife a glass of orange juice.  Maria will also have orange juice.  And Roberto, what do you (con) want to drink ?
  • I don't want anything to drink.

These tests below are not in the textbook. They are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using the list of words below.
List of words:
  • banh cuon
  • biet
  • b
  • canh
  • cay
  • cho
  • cho
  • chon
  • co tieng
  • dao
  • dan
  • da
  • de chu
  • sau o
  • thch
  • xao
  • va
  • ac biet
  • e
  • o bien
  • ng
  • giup
  • goi
  • hai
  • het
  • hn
  • khau v
  • khen
  • khuy
  • mon
  • th
  • toi
  • trai cay
  • trai cay
  • mi
  • mi
  • mi
  • nen
  • nen
  • neu
  • ngoai
  • ngon
  • ngi
  • nhac
  • nhoi
  • phuc vu
  • rau cai
  • trong
  • va
        Hom nay la _____ bay nen David va cac ban anh muon i an _______ _______.Ngi ta noi hieu Hng Giang _______ lam.  o co banh cuon ngon ______ ______.  V the cac anh cac ch ay i an ______ o.  Ngi phuc vu o ______ ______ lam, anh ay_______ cac anh ch ay_______ vai mon an ______ ______ cua Viet Nam.   Trc het anh phuc vu _____ _____ cac mon an ac biet trong ngay.  Anh David goi mot ______ cha gio va canh ga ______ tht. _____ cac ban an _____ _____ biet va____ uong vi bia 33.  Sau o i an vi cm cac anh ch ay goi ____ _____ tom tht, ga ____ sa t va _____ chua ______ _____.

        Cac anh ch______ ngi phuc vu ________ lam o an _____ v khong ____ ____ ____ cua ho.  Trong may ngi ban, ch Anne la ngi khong an ca tht, ch ch an ______ ______ thoi _____ ngi phuc vu ____ y kien goi mot da rau cai _____ vi au phu.

        An xong ai cung _____ ngon.  Trc khi i uong ca phe _____ ho, Ch Anne goi mot da_____ _____ v _____ _____ Viet Nam ti va ngon lam.  An xong cac ban o i ______ b ho va i en mot tiem ca phe _____ _____ o e _____ nghe nhac ____ uong ca-phe.  V the mi hai gi _______ ho _______ ve nha.

D 4 - Answers the questions below based on the story of D 3
1- Hom nay David va ban nh lam g?


2- Tai sao ho muon i en hieu/tiem Hng Giang?


3-  hieu/tiem o co g ngon?


4- Ho nh an tra o, phai khong?


5-  Ngi phuc vu hieu/ tiem o nh the nao?


6- Ai giup David va cac ban goi cac mon an?


7- e uong bia ho goi g?


8- e an  toi ho goi may mon?


9- Cac mon o ten g?


10- Ho co an cay c khong?


11- Ai khong an ca tht c?


12- Ch Anne keu mot da rau?


13- Cuoi cung ho an g trc khi i dao b ho?


14- Ho i uong ca phe au?


15- Tai sao ho thch tiem ca phe o?


16- May gi ho mi ve nha?


17- Sao ho ve muon/ tre the?


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