Lesson Eighteen
Phan D: T Kiem Tra (Self-test)

D 1 - Fill the blanks appropriately from the list.
List of words:

  • bao nhieu
  • bao nhieu
  • bnh
  • bc
  • cai nay
  • can
  • chai
  • i
  • ong
  • goi
  • lang
  • the nay
  • the nao
  • t
1- Toi muon mua hai can cam.
  • ___________ tien mot can, ch?
  • Da, nam ________ mot _________.
2- ________ tieng Viet goi la g?
  • Da, cai _________.
  • Cam n, the cai bnh nay ________ ch?
  • Da, 72 ong.
3- Nh __________ tieng Viet noi _________ ?
  • Uong.
  • , ta i uong ca-phe _________.
4- Bao nhieu tien mot ______ che?
  • Bao nhieu tien mot ______ bia?
  • Bao nhieu tien mot ______ tht bo?
  • Bao nhieu tien mot ______ bao?
  • Bao nhieu tien mot ______ tranh?

D 2 - Give Vietnamese equivalents.
1- Excuse me, how much is this picture?


    And how about these blue rice bowls - how much each ?


2- This bunch of bowls- one is broken (b v).


3- How do you spell the word tranh in Vietnamese?


4- What do you call this in Vietnamese?


5- This is an orange, and this is a lemon.


    How many do you want?


6- Let me have five oranges and two lemons and three kilos of bananas.


7- Will you....you know (with motions)....for me?


    How do you say that in Vietnamese?


8- I want to buy some souvenirs for my friends.


    Where is a souvenir shop?


These tests below are not in the textbook. They are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks uing the words in the list below.
List of words:
  • bang
  • bang
  • bao nhieu
  • can
  • chai
  • ch
  • co dp
  • co the
  • cuoi
  • ngoai
  • ca hang
  • i
  • gia
  • hay
  • hay
  • hp
  • t
  • kho
  • nao
  • nhe
  • phng tien
  • qua
  • qua
  • tai
  • tap
  • them
  • trc
  • ve
  • y kien
Julie: _____ tuan chung ta i ch mua o an i.  Hom nay ta i ch Ben Thanh ____.
Anne: Chung ta nen i en _____ ______ ______ trc?

Ta nen i mua o _____va o ______ trc.  _______khi ve nha _____ mua tht ca va rau  cai.

Toi can mua mot _____cam, ba_____chanh, 6 qua chuoi va mot _____ nc mam nho.
Julie: Toi can mua mot _____ ca phe, mot hop sa ac va mot ____ trai cay.
Anne: Ch biet ho ban trai cay______ can ______ bang qua?

Ho ban mot qua cam nam mi xu _____ trc. Tuan nay toi khong biet______ _______ _______.
Anne: Chung ta i pho ______ g?
Julie: Chung ta _______ ra ch, khi _____ th i tac xi _____ chung ta se co nhieu o.
Anne: Cho ch co _____ _____ nau nng khong?
Julie: Co, nhng toi cung i an _______ _______ mot tuan hai ba lan.

Toi cung vay v an ngoai ta _______ _______ gap nhieu ngi Viet Nam va ______ ______ ______ noi tieng Viet vi ho.
Julie: Toi cung co _____ _____ nh ch.  Co dp hoc hoi _____ th ta nen lam.

D 4 - Answer the questions below based on the story of D3.
1-   Julie va Anne nh lam g cuoi tuan?


2-   Ho nh i ch nao?


3-  Cac co ay nh i mua g trc?


4-  Trc khi ve nha ho mi mua g?


5-  Anne can mua g?


6-  Con Julie th sao?


7-  Ho ban trai cay bang can hay bang qua?


8-  Hai co o i ch bang g?


9-  Tai sao ho khong i bo ve nha?


10- Julie co phng tien nau an nha co ay khong?


11- Moi tuan co ay i an ngoai may lan?


12- Tai sao Anne muon i an hieu?


13- Julie co ong y vi Anne khong?


14- Hai co ay co thch tap  noi tieng Viet khong?


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