Bai Mi tam - Lesson Eighteen
C1 - A asks B (a salesperson) about the prices of things and B answers with given cues.
Phan C: Bai tap
Part C: Exercises
bc tranh nay, 200 ong My
A: Bc tranh nay bao nhieu (tien ), (co)?
B: Da, 200 ong (My) .
1- chiec xe nay, 2000 ong My
2- cai bnh ay, 300 ong My
3- cai ao kia, 175 ong My
4- cai may anh o, 450 ong My
5- chai nc mam nay, 3.75 ong My
6- goi che nay, 2.50 My

C 2 - A asks B (a salesperson) about the price per unit and B answers with the given cues.
mot can cam, $8,000VN mot can
A: Bao nhieu (tien) mot can cam , co?
B: Da, 8,000 ong mot can.
1- mot lang ng, $7,000VN
2- mot chai 'Napoleon', $500,000VN
3- mot can tht bo, $80,000VN
4- mot goi che, $10,000VN
5- mot bao diem, $2,000VN
6- sa ac, $10,000VN

C 3 - Using apppropriate classifiers, tell a salesperson at the market that you want to buy according to the given cues.
cam, hai              Classifier: can
A:  Cho toi mua hai can cam.
1- chanh, mi
2- ng, mot
3- tht ln, mot
4- nc mam, hai
5- che, mot
6- sa  ac, bon
Classifiers: hop, lang, chai, can, qua/trai

Combination of C4 and C5 - A asks B how to say something in Vietnamese or something is called in Vietnamese, first using objects around you, then using English words for the objects you need to know.
cai nay
A:  (pointing to something)
Cai nay tieng Viet (goi) la g?
'to stop by my place'
A:  'To stop by my place 'tieng Viet noi the nao?
1- cai nay, cai o, cai kia
2- 'letter'
3- 'newspaper'
4- 'shirt'
5- 'music'
6- 'Please come over here'
7- How much is it?
8- 'How many does she need?'
9- 'buy this for me'
10- 'to call on the telephone'

C 6 - Give Vietnamese equivalents (write out all numbers).
1- What do you want to buy, Miss?
  • Do you have lacquer chopsticks?
  • Yes, we have plenty . Please have a look .
  • Could I buy two pairs of this kind? How much are they a pair?
  • $2.50 a pair.
  • Do you have any...- How do you say 'souvenir ' in Vietnamese?
  • How much is this vase?
  • It's $68.
2- How much do these cost?  What do you call them in Vietnamese?
  • Mango. They're 95 cents a piece.
  • That seems a little bit expensive. Can you lower the price?
  • I'll buy three. Oh! in these three there's one that's not good.
  • Really?! Take this one!
3- Excuse me, how much are these bananas?
  • Two dollars for one kilo.
  • Could I buy two kilos please and a package of sugar, 100 grams of tea, and three bottles of beer. How much is the beef?
  • 100 grams for $4.
  • Give me 100 grams.  Will you....(making motion of wrapping) ... for me?
  • How do you say to do that in Vietnamese?
  • Wrap.  Yes, I'll wrap it for you.

C 7 Bai tap oc
Hear the Whole Dialog
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: A, anh Joe ay roi.  i anh lau qua.  Tng anh khong en.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: en ch.  Toi i sm lam, nhng suyt na th xe toi...ay.... mot chiec xe ap.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: Sao? Anh noi sao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: (Makes a motion showing two objects hitting each other) Nh the nay tieng Viet noi the nao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: A, am, am vao ...
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: , suyt na xe vao...mot chiec xe ap.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: The a? Roi sao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: May la toi tranh kp cai xe ap.   Nhng toi lai am vao mot cai.....(makes a motion showing something standing upright).
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: Cai cay a?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: Khong.  Anh cho toi mn cai but.   (Huy gives him a pen, and Joe draws an electric pole).  Cai nay tieng Viet goi la g?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: A, cai cot en. Tri i, am vao cot en a?  Anh co b lam sao khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: Ngc vao cai tay lai, nhng nhe thoi, khong sao?  A, toi noi the co ung khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: Cung c, toi hieu anh muon noi g. Nhng dung ch ' ap' th tot hn la 'am'. A, con cai xe th sao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: Cai xe th b hong may. Toi phai i bo en ay.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: Kho cha!  Hom nay la ngay g ma anh xui qua vay?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: Sao lai xui?! The la may cho toi ay.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Huy: Anh ien a?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Joe: Xe toi cu lam roi.  Toi mua mot ngan ong.  Bay gi toi muon ban hai tram ong ma khong ai mua. Ky nay bao hiem se en nguyen tien e toi mua xe khac.
T vng Vocabulary
tng to think, imagine that
suyt na (th) nearly, all but
sao? what happened?
tranh to steer clear of
kp be in time
tri i Oh my gosh!
b lam sao khong? suffer anything?
ngc chest
tay lai steering wheel
nhe lightly, slightly
ung be correct
dung to use
hong may be broken in the engine
Kho cha! How unfortunate!
ma that, yet
xui be unlucky
sao lai xui What's unlucky?
ien be crazy
ky period of time
bao hiem insurance
en to compensate
nguyen be intact, whole
khac be different, other

C 8 oc th
Hear the Whole Dialog

Viet Nam, ngay.....thang.....nam....

Anh  Giang  than,

Toi ay c hai tuan ri roi. Na thang na toi mi bat au i lam e tai nghien cu. Toi con nhieu th gi ranh e i chi trong thanh pho va co dp hoc hoi ve loi song cua ngi Viet nhat la co dp noi chuyen bang tieng Viet vi ho. Toi mong tieng Viet toi se tot hn nhieu. 

cho toi khong co phng tien nau nng, nen moi ngay toi i an ngoai. Toi thch nh the hn v ay cac quan va cac mon an khong thieu.  Suot ngay luon luon co ngi an ngoai ng hay trong quan. 

Toi nhan thay ngi Viet Nam khong an sang nh ngi Tay phng. Ba an sang cuaho co the la mot bat ph hay la mot a banh cuon, van van, va ho co the an nhng mon nh the nhieu lan trong ngay thay v dung mot tach ca-phe hay mot tach tra va mot mieng banh ngot nh ngi Tay phng trong nhng phut giai lao.  Nhng nh the khong co ngha la ngi Viet khong biet hoac khong thch uong ca-phe, trai lai ho rat thch. Ca-phe Viet Nam ngon tuyet vi, nhat la ca-phe sa a.

Toi se con nhieu dp viet th cho anh. Hen anh th sau vay. Chuc anh luon luon khoe manh.




T vng Vocabulary
Name + than men* dear Name
e tai subject, topic
th gi time
dp opportunity
hoc hoi to study on one's own
loi song the way of life
mong to hope, expect
phng tien facility
nau nng to cook, broil : cooking
mon an dish (food), course
thieu to lack
suot ngay all day long
luon luon always
nhan thay to notice
Tay phng the West
a(No.)/ da(So.) plate
van van et cetera
thay v instead of
dung to use, have ( to eat)
tach cup ( French 'tasse')
(mot) mieng a piece
giai lao break, interval
ngha la... to mean that...
trai lai on the contrary
tuyet vi be unsurpassed, divine
ca-phe sa a iced coffee with milk
chuc to wish (somebody)
* Increasing closeness:
than (to friend)
men (to good friend)
than men (close friend)

Few answers for Part C: Exercises
C 6
1- What do you want to buy, Miss?
  • Co muon mua g (tha co)?
  • Do you have lacquer chopsticks?
  • Ch/Anh/ .... co ua sn mai khong?
  • Yes, we have plenty. Please have a look.
  • Co nhieu lam.   Mi co xem.// Co hay xem.
  • Could I buy two pairs of this kind? How much are they a pair?
  • Cho toi mua hai oi loai nay. Bao nhieu ( tien) mot oi?
  • $2.50 a pair.
  • Hai ong ri mot oi.
  • Do you have any.... How do you say 'souvenir' in Vietnamese?
  • Anh/ Ch/.... co... 'souvenir' tieng Viet noi the nao/ lam sao?
  • Souvenir. Yes, of course we have.
  • o lu niem.  Co, chung toi co ch !
  • How much is this vase?
  • Cai bnh nay bao nhieu tien?// Bao nhieu tien cai bnh nay?
  • It's $68.
  • Sau mi tam ong.
2- How much do these cost?  What do you call them in Vietnamese?
  • Nhng cai nay bao nhieu tien?  Tieng Viet goi la g?
  • Mango.  They're 95 cents a piece.
  • Xoai.  Chn mi lam xu mot qua/ trai.
  • That seems a little expensive.  Can you lower the price?
  • Thay hi at ay!  Ch/ Anh/.... bt c khong?
  • I'll let you have them for 90 cents a piece.  How many do you want?
  • Toi e cho co/ ba/ong/... chm mi xu mot qua.   Co/ Ba/Ong/.. muon bao nhieu qua?
  • I'll buy three. Oh! In these three there's one that's not good.
  • (Toi mua) ba qua.  A/O, trong ba qua nay co mot qua xau/ khong tot.
  • Really ?! Take this one.
  • The/ Vay a ! Co/ Ba/ Ong/... lay qua nay i.
3 - Excuse me, how much are these bananas?
  • Xin loi ch/anh/....chuoi bao nhieu tien?
  • Two dollars for one kilo.
  • Hai ong mot can.
  • Could I buy 2 kilos please, and a package of sugar, 100 gram of tea, and three bottles of beer?
  • How much is this beef?
  • Cho toi mua hai can, va mot goi ng, (mot) lang che/tra va ba chai bia.  Bao nhieu tien tht bo ay/ nay?
  • 100 grams $4.
  • Bon ong mot lang.
  • Give me 100 grams.  Will you ...(making motion of wrapping)...for me ? How do you say to do that in Vietnamese?
  • Cho toi mot lang.  Ch/ Anh/... ay - cho toi c khong?  Tieng Viet noi the nao/ lam sao?
  • Wrap.  Yes, I'll wrap it for you.
  • Goi.  Vang, toi se goi cho co/ba/ong...

C 7
Huy: Oh Joe, you're here. I waited a long time for you, thought you weren't coming.

Of course I was coming. I left early but my car know... a bicycle.
Huy: What? What are you saying?
Joe:  (making collision motions ) How do you say this in Vietnamese ?
Huy: Oh, collide, collide with.
Joe:  Yeah, I nearly ...collided with....a bicycle .
Huy: Oh so? What happened?
Joe:  Luckily I just missed the bike, but I collided with a...what is it ( upright ).
Huy: A tree, eh?
Joe:  No, let me borrow a pen(...) What do you call this in Vietnamese?
Huy: Oh, an electric pole. Heavens! You ran into an electric pole, eh? Did anything happen to you?
Joe:  My chest collided with the steering wheel but only slightly - no problem.Did I say that right? " my chest collided with"
Huy: That's all right, I understand what you want to say. But the word 'hit' is better than ' collide' . And what about the car?
Joe:  My engine is  broken. I had to walk here.
Huy: What a pity! What is today that you're so unlucky?
Joe What's unlucky?! That was lucky for me!
Huy: Are you crazy?
Joe:  My car was old already. I bought it for $1000. Now I want to sell it for $200, but nobody will buy it. Now, the insurance will pay enough for me to buy another car.

C 8

                Vietnam, day..... month..... year.....

Dear Giang,

I've been here two and a half weeks already. I won't start my research topic for another half month. I still have a lot of free time to go about the town and opportunity to study the way of life of Vietnamese people, and especially opportunity to speak in Vietnamese with them.  I hope my Vietnamese will improve a great deal.

The place where I live doesn't have cooking facilities, so everyday I go out to eat. I like that better because there's no lack of restaurants and dishes. Throughout the day there are always people eating on the street or in cafes.

I notice Vietnamese people don't eat like Westerners. Their breakfast is a bowl of beef noodle soup, perhaps, or a plate of steamed rolls, and so on, and maybe they eat these dishes many times during the day instead of a cup of coffee and a sweet roll, the way Westerners do in their breaks. But that doesn't mean Vietnamese don't know or like to drink coffee, on the contrary, they like it very much. The coffee in VietNam is absolutely delicious, especially ice coffee with milk.

I'll still have many chances to write you. So, until the next letter, wishing you always well.

Affectionately, Stephen


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