Bai Mi Tam - Lesson 18
Phan D - Giai ap phan T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for Self-test

D 1 - Fill the blanks appropriately from the list.
Cue words:
(bao nhieu, bao nhieu, bnh, bc, cai nay, can, chai, i, ong, goi, lang, the nay, the nao, t)

1- Toi muon mua hai can cam.
    Bao nhieu tien mot can, ch?
Da, nam ong mot can.
2- Cai nay tieng Viet goi la g?
    Da, cai bnh.
    Cam n, the cai bnh nay bao nhieu, ch?
    Da, 72 ong.
3- Nh the nay tieng Viet noi the nao?
    , ta i uong ca-phe i.
4- Bao nhieu tien mot goi che?
    Bao nhieu tien mot chai bia?
    Bao nhieu tien mot lang tht bo?
    Bao nhieu tien mot t bao?
    Bao nhieu tien mot bc tranh?

D 2 - Give Vietnamese equivalents.
1- Excuse me, how much is this picture?
    Xin loi, bao nhieu tien bc tranh nay?
    Anh how about these blue rice bowls- How much each?
    Con nhng cai bat xanh nay, bao nhieu tien mot cai?
2- This bunch of bowls- one is broken (b v).
    Trong nhng (cai) bat nay co mot cai b v.
3- How do you spell the word ' tranh' in Vietnamese?
    Ch 'tranh' tieng Viet anh van the nao/lam sao?
4- What do you call this in Vietnamese?
    Cai nay tieng Viet goi la g?
5- This is an orange, and this is a lemon.
    Cai nay la qua cam va cai nay la qua chanh.
    ay la cam va ay la chanh.
    How many do you want?
    Anh/Ch/....muon may qua?
6- Let me have five oranges and two lemons and three kilos of bananas.
    Cho toi mua nam qua cam va hai qua chanh va ba can chuoi.
7- Will you know (with motions)...for me?
    Anh/Ch/.... - ay- cho toi c khong?
    How do you say to do that in Vietnamese?
    The nay tieng Viet noi the nao?
8- I want to buy some souvenirs for my friends.
    Toi muon mua vai qua lu niem cho ban toi.
    Where is a souvenir shop?
    (Ca) hang ban o lu niem au?

These tests below are not in the textbook.  They are for website users only.
D 4 - Fill in the blanks using words in the list below.
Cue words:
(bang, bang, bao nhieu, can, chai, ch, co dp, co the, cuoi, ca hang, i, gia, hay, hay, hp, hop, t, kho, nao, ngoai, phng tien, qua, qua, tai, tap, tuan, them, trc, ve, y kien)

Cuoi tuan chung ta i ch mua o an i. Hom nay ta i ch
Ben Thanh nhe.
Anne: Chung ta nen i en ca hang nao trc?

Ta nen mua o hop hay o kho trc. Trc khi ve nha hay mua
tht ca va rau cai.

Toi can mua mot can cam, 3 qua chanh, 6 qua chuoi va 1 chai
nc mam nho.
Julie: Toi can mua mot hop ca phe, 1 hop sa ac va mot t trai cay.
Anne: Ch biet ho ban trai cay bang can hay bang qua?

Ho ban 1 qua cam 50 xu tuan trc. Tuan nay toi khong biet
ga bao nhieu.
Anne: Chung ta  i pho bang g?
Julie: Chung ta i bo ra ch, khi ve th i tac xi tai chung ta se co nhieu o.
Anne: Cho ch co phng tien nau nng khong?
Julie: Co, nhng toi cung i an ngoai mot tuan hai ba lan.

Toi cung vay v an ngoai ta co dp gap nhieu ngi Viet va
co the tap noi tieng Viet vi ho.
Julie: Toi cung co y kien nh ch. Co dp hoc hoi them th ta nen lam.

D 4 - Answer the questions below based on the story of D 3.
1- Julie va Anne nh lam g cuoi tuan?
    Cuoi tuan hai co ay nh i ch mua do an.
2- Ho nh i ch nao?
    Ho nh i ch Ben Thanh.
3- Cac co ay nh mua g trc?
    Ho se mua o hop va o kho trc.
4- Trc khi ve nha ho mi mua g?
    Trc khi ve nha ho mi mua tht ca va rau cai.
5- Anne can  mua g?
    Anne can mua mot can cam, 3 qua chanh, 6 qua chuoi va mot chai nc mam nho.
6- Con Julie th sao?
    Julie muon mua mot hop ca phe, 1 hop sa ac va mot t trai cay.
7- Ho ban trai cay bang can hay bang qua?
    Ho ban trai cay bang qua.
8- Hai co o i ch bang g?
    Hai co o i bo ra ch.
9- Tai sao ho khong i bo ve nha?
    Ho khong i bo ve nha v ho se co nhieu o.
10-Julie co phng tien nau an nha co ay khong?
     Da co, Julie co phng tien nau an nha co ay.
11-Moi tuan co ay i an ngoai may lan?
     Co ay i an ngoai mot tuan hai ba lan.
12-Tai sao Anne muon i an hieu?
     Anne muon i an hieu v co ay co dp gap nhieu ngi Viet e tap noi tieng Viet.
13-Julie co ong y vi Anne khong?
     Co, Julie ong y vi Anne.
14-Hai co ay co thch tap noi tieng Viet khong?
     Theo bai nay th hai co ay thch tap noi tieng Viet lam.


Answers for extra se;f-test prepared by: Dan Dan Tu