Bai Mi Bay - oi thoai
Lesson 17 - Dialog


  • The adverbs of time:
    khi" as when
    khi nao" as whenever
    trc khi" as before ....
    sau khi" as after ....
    trong khi" as during ....
  • The idiomatic usage of:
    co viec g vay?" = so what's up? / what is happening?
    sau o th sao" = after that, then what?
  • The new pattern:
    co the + verb" = can + verb/be able + verb

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns
oi thoai A1 - Dialog A1
Hear the Whole Dialog
Anh Thi va anh Tom ngoi trong lp va noi chuyen.


Khi anh ranh anh thng lam g?
Khi nao ranh toi thng i xem trien lam hoac chi the thao.  Con anh, khi ranh anh thch lam g?
Khi toi ranh toi thch lam vn.

T vng (Vocabulary)

khi moment, (the time) when...
khi nao... whenever...
ranh be free, at leisure
trien lam exhibition
hoac or (In statements)
hay or (preferred in question )
the thao sports
chi the thao to engage in sports
lam vn to work in the garden, to garden

oi thoai A2 - Dialog A2
Hear the Whole Dialog
Marie and Dung meet on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street.

Khi nao ch i Saigon?
Khoang cuoi thang nay.
Trc khi i ch nh ghe lai toi mot chut nhe.
Co viec g vay?
A, toi muon nh ch chuyen mot bc th cho ai dien Bo Di tru Phap Saigon.

T vng (Vocabulary)

khi nao when? what moment?
cuoi (the) end
trc khi.... before the time when
trc khi i.... before (the time of) going
nh to remember
ghe lai (toi) to stop by, stop by my place
mot chut a little bit, a little while
nh to ask a favor of
chuyen to convey, transport
ai dien representative
Co viec g vay? So what's up?

oi thoai A3 - Dialog A3
Hear the Whole Dialog
Myoko and Jim are Asian Studies students who both study Vietnamese.

Sau khi tot nghiep ai hoc anh nh lam g?
Toi se i du lch vong quanh the gii mot thi gian.
Anh nh i nhng au?
Trc het, toi muon i tham vai nc chau A nh Viet Nam, Thai Lan, Cam-Bot. Sau o toi se sang chau Au, nhng toi cha quyet nh i nhng nc nao.
Thch qua nh! Sau chuyen du lch o th sao?
Sau o toi se xin thi vao Bo Ngoai giao.

T vng (Vocabulary)

sau khi... after the time when....
thi gian period of time
mot thi gian for a while
nhng au which places
trc het first of all
quyet nh to decide
nh isn't it?
chuyen du lch the travel trip
sau o after that
Sau o th sao? After that then what?
xin thi vao Bo Ngoai giao apply to work in Forein Affairs

[Dialog Translation]

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Trung Van Vo