Bai Mi Bay - Lesson 17
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for self-test

D 1
Cue words:
(trc khi, khi nao, trc o, khi nao, sau khi, sau o, khi nao, sau)

1- Ch ve khi nao?
2- Khi (nao) buon toi thng uong ru.
3- Trc khi quyet nh mua cai o toi se hoi y kien ch.
4- Toi se tra li ong sau khi toi suy ngh ky ve viec o.
5- Khi (nao) ranh toi se en anh.
6- Sau khi tot nghiep ai hoc toi se i du lch mot thi gian.
    Sau o toi se xin vao Bo Di Tru.
7- Sau ba cm toi, chung ta i xem kch, phai khong?
8- Trc o, ta i uong ca-phe i.

D 2
1- I'll consult you before I decide to go.
    Toi se hoi y kien anh/ch/...., trc khi (toi) quyet nh i.
2- Stop by my place when (ever) you're not busy.
    Khi (nao) ranh, anh/ch/... (hay) ghe lai toi (nhe/i).
3- She lived in Los Angeles for some time. After that she moved to Austin.
    Ch/Co/Ba/ ay Los Angeles mot thi gian. Sau o ch/co/ba ay don i Austin.
4- We'll discuss about that matter after you (younger brother) graduate from the University.
    Sau khi em tot nghiep ai hoc chunh ta/mnh se ban chuyen ve viec o.
5- After she stopped working in Foreign Affairs, she applied for a job in the
    University of Sydney.
    Sau khi (ch/co/ba) thoi viec Bo Ngoai Giao, ch/co/ba ay xin vao lam
    trng ai hoc Sydney.
6- Before working as a representative of the American Immigration Department
    in Hanoi he learned Vietnamese at the University of Hawaii.
    Anh/Ong ay a hoc tieng Viet tai trng ai hoc Ha-oai trc khi (anh/ong ay)
    lam ai dien Bo Di tru My tai/ Ha Noi.
7- After your trip to Europe, what do you intend to do?
    Sau chuyen i/du lch Chau Au, anh/ch/...nh lam g?
8- Do you intend to go anywhere when you're free tomorrow?
    Ngay mai khi ranh, anh/ch/....(co) nh i au khong?
9- After they have expressed their ideas, we can make a decision.
    Sau khi ho neu y kien cua ho, chung ta/ toi co the quyet nh c.
10-To be able to read this book, I need to use the dictionary many times.
     e (co the) oc quyen/cuon sach nay, toi can tra t ien nhieu lan.

These tests below are not in the textbook.  They are for website users only.
D 3- Fill in the blanks using the list of words below.

Cue words:
(ban, chao, cho, co the, don, don, i, i, i, hay, hay, hieu, lau, muon, nen, neu, neu, ngan hang, lai, ranh, sao, sau, sau, sau khi, ta, tac pham, tre, trc, trc khi, trc khi, tuy,  vao, xem, y kien)
1- Chao anh Jim, lau qua sao khong gap anh?
2- Anh Minh, lau nay toi ban hoc thi vao bo Di Tru va vao ngan hang.
3- Hom nay anh co ranh khong?
4- Da ranh, anh muon toi lam g?
5- Vay chung ta i xem trien lam va sau o ta i uong tra i.  Toi ch neu y kien con
    cai o tuy anh.
6- Y kien o hay lam. Toi nghe noi trien lam mi nay co nhieu tac pham cua cac
    hoa s tre tuoi.
7- Chung ta nen i an sang trc roi i chi sau.
8- Chung ta i hieu Thang Long i.   o co nhieu mon ac biet cua ba mien Viet Nam.
9- An sang th chung ta nen i cho nao gan cho tien.  Sau khi xem trien lam roi chung ta
    se an tra hay an toi hieu Thang Long. Sau khi ra trng anh nh don i au?
10-Trc khi quyet nh toi phai thi vao hai cho o trc. Toi co the don i Saigon
     neu ngan hang nhan toi. Con Bo Di Tru nhan th toi se lai ay. Toi co the i
    du lch mot hai tuan trc khi i lam.

D 4 - Answer the questions below based on the story in D3.
1-  Anh Minh co gap anh John thng khong?
     Da khong, lau nay anh Minh khong gap anh John.
2-  Sao hai anh ay khong gap nhau thng?
     Hai anh ay khong gap nhau thng tai anh John ban hoc thi.
3-  Hom nay anh John co ranh khong?
     Hom nay anh John ranh.
4-  Ho nh lam g?
     Ho nh i xem trien lam va i an hieu.
5-  Trien lam o co tac pham cu hay mi?
     Trien lam o co nhieu tac pham mi.
6-  Trc khi xem trien lam ho nh lam g?
     Trc khi xem trien lam ho nh i an sang.
7-  hieu Thang Long co g?
     Hieu Thang Long co mon ac biet cua ba mien.
8-  Sao ho khong i en hieu an o?
     Hieu Thang Long xa.
9-  Bao gi ho se an hieu an o?
     Sau khi xem trien lam xong ho se an hieu an o.
10-Anh John muon xin lam au?
     Anh ay muon xin lam Bo Di Tru hay Ngan hang.
11-Trc khi i lam anh John nh lam g?
     Trc khi i lam anh ay nh i du lch.
12-Anh ay nh i chi bao lau?
     Anh ay nh i chi mot hay hai tuan.


Answers for extra self-test prepared by: Dan Dan Tu