Lesson 16
Phan D - T kiem Tra (Self-test)

D1- Fill the blanks appropriately from the list.

1- Anh en trng bay gi ____?
    , toi i ______ ______ th vien trng may cuon sach.
2- Co co cai ong ho ep qua.
    Co  _____ mua hay ai ________ co?
3- Ch mua cho toi t tem va phong b _______ khong?
    c ______. Anh muon ______ bao nhieu cai?
4- Cho toi mua cai ______ nay.
5- Ch co tien khong? _______ toi ______ mi ong nhe.
6- Anh ______ xe cho ai?  Ho tra tien cha?

D2 - Give Vietnamese equivalents.
1- My friends gave me a lot of gifts on my birthday.
  • What did your older sister give you?
  • She gave me two new shirts.
2- How many shirts did you buy for your younger brother?
  • I bought three, but one was too (very, very) small.
  • Because of that, I gave him only two shirts.
3- Who do you want to send this letter to?
  • I want to send it to my maternal grandparents.
4- Let me call Mrs. Ba.
  • Can you give me her telephone number?
5- They want me to eat lunch with them but my boss (ong chu) won't let me go.
6- Has she ever let you go to see that film yet?
  • No, not yet.  She has never allowed me to go.

These tests below are not in the textbook.  They are for the website users only.
D3 - Fill in the blanks using the list of words below.
List of words:
  • ban
  • cho
  • cho
  • cho
  • cho
  • cho
  • chiec
  • chiec
  • cua
  • cuon
  • hay
  • may
  • mong
  • mi
  • mi
  • mua
  • mn
  • nen
  • phai
  • se
  • tang
  • sinh nhat
  • tot
  • v
  • vi
  • cung
  • cung
  • au
  • en
  • hoa
1-  Hom nay la ngay ________?
2-  Hom nay la ________ 6 thang 3.
3-  Vay a, the ngay mai la _______ _______ ______ ch Anne.
4-  David _____ i ch _____ me anh ay. Anh ay ________ se_____ _____ e________
      ch Anne.
5-  Hom sinh nhat anh ay, ban anh ay ______ anh ay nhieu qua.
6-  Cha me anh ay ______ anh ay mot _______ xe ap va anh ch anh ay cho anh ay
      nhieu _____ sach ______.
7-  Hom qua anh ay ____ ch Anne mn _______ xe ap mi cua anh.
8-  Ch ay ______ _____ My _____ Viet Nam mot thang thoi.
9-  Ch ay cha co xe ap ______ch ay phai i bo en trng.
10- Ch Anne ______ muon mua mot chiec xe ap.
11- Bay gi ch ay phai ________ xe ap _____ ch ay muon i _____ xa.
12- V co xe ap nen anh ay i bu ien gi o _____ ch Hoa.
13- Cha me ch Lan ______ ch ay i chi ______ ch Anne v ch Anne la mot
      ngi ban _______.

D4 - Answer the questions below based on the story in D3.
1- Sinh nhat cua ch Anne la ngay nao?


2- David se lam g cho me anh ay?


3- Anh  ay se mua g e tang ch Anne?


4- Ban anh ay lam g hom sinh nhat anh ay?


5- Ai cho anh ay sach hay?


6- Ch Anne mn xe cua ai?


7- Ch ay Viet Nam lau cha?


8- Ch ay au en?


9- Ch Anne i den trng bang g?


10- Ch ay cung muon mua g?


11- Neu ch ay muon i xa th ch ay phai lam g?


12- Ai i gi o cho ch Hoa?


13- Lan i chi vi ai?


14- Cha me Lan cho Lan lam g?   Tai sao?


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