Set of Three Quiz
Click the answer of your choice; then click "Next".  After you finish all three questions, click the "Judge" button.  If you do not have all three correct, you need to redo them.  Once you have answered all three correctly, click on "Next Set".

Each question has several possible answers which you will hear (one after another) when you play the Audio for that question.  If the first answer is correct, you should answer "a"; and so on.

icon_spk.gif (986 bytes) Question 2

  icon_spk.gif (986 bytes) Question 3

  icon_spk.gif (986 bytes) Question 4

icon_spk.gif (986 bytes) Question 5

icon_spk.gif (986 bytes) Question 6

Trung, please define another table for the applet.  You can begin from Lesson 14 through 19.  If you don't quite get it, go to previous lesson 1 to 13 to look at the format
1- click on table icon (insert table) to define a table.  In this case, you should click on the first square box.
2- set alignment to CENTER
**** border = 0
**** cell padding = 0
**** cell spacing = 0
3- set specify width = 500 in pixels
4- Move the applet into table.
!! remember when the applet tag are already in table, you will see the dotted line around it.
5- delete this message once you're done.

Contents prepared and implemented by Dan Dan Tu
Audio by Trung Vo