Bai Mot Ba - oi thoai
Lesson 13 - Dialog (continued)

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns

oi thoai A3 - Dialog A3
Hear the Whole Dialog
Again, Hien answers the telephone, 'Alo'.


Alo! Toi muon noi chuyen vi anh Nam.
Da, ch ch mot lat nhe. (Hien calls Nam to the telephone.)
A-lo, Nam ay.  Ai ay?
Kim ay.  Anh Nam a, toi nay toi ban nen khong i xem phim c.   Toi mai i c khong?
c.  Toi mai nhe.

T vng (Vocabulary)

ch/i to wait
lat, mot lat moment, a moment

oi thoai A4 - Dialog A4
Hear the Whole Dialog
Tuan calls the travel agency about the status of his visa.

Th ky:
Anh Tuan:
Th ky:
Anh Tuan:
Co Loan:
Anh Tuan:
Co Loan:
Alo, cong ty du lch Vong quanh The gii ay, xin chao!
Chao anh! Toi muon ban chuyen vi co Loan ve nhng thu tuc phai lam e i Viet Nam.
Toi khong thay co Loan trong van phong, anh hay i, e toi xem co ay au. ....A, co ay va vao.  Toi e anh noi chuyen vi co ay bay gi.
Chao co Loan! Tran Quoc Tuan ay! Van e th thc en au roi, tha co?
A chao anh Tuan, toi mi ai S Quan ve. Co lam thu tuc mi biet kho khan lam sao ay! Toi a phai i i lai lai nhieu lan roi, toi can them vai chi tiet na ve anh.  Xin mi anh en van phong ban tiep.  Hom nao anh en ay c?
Da, bay gi toi ang bu ien.  e toi ve van phong xem lch mi biet gi nao toi en gap co c.
Vang, anh hay goi lai toi sau vay.

T vng (Vocabulary)

th ky secretary, clerk
cong ty company, agency
(i) du lch to travel
vong quanh the gii around the world
ban (chuyen) ve to discuss about
thu tuc procedure
van phong office
e toi xem let me see
va+Verb just+ verb
Van e thu tuc en au roi? What's happening to my visa application?
Co lam thu tuc mi biet kho khan lam sao ay! Only by going through the procedures does one know how difficult it is!
th thc visa
tha Respectful Address
ai s quan Embassy
kho khan be difficult
Adjective+lam sao ay! how Adjective! (Idiomatic)
i i lai lai to go back and forward
them to add to, more
chi tiet detail
VERB+tiep to continue to Verb
lch calender, agenda

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