Bai Mi Ba - Lesson 13
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for the self-test

D 1
Cue words:
(ca, cach ay, cha, cung, au, e, goi, hen, hom nao, khong, vay)

1- Hom nay ch co phai lam g khong?
2- Chieu nay anh nh i au khong?
3- Toi cha muon noi g ca .
4- Ch nh hom nao gap ba Ha?
5- Co ay co hen anh i au khong?
6- Ba ay en Viet Nam cach ay ba nam.
7- Ch ay cung hoc khoa vi toi.
8- Sau tam gi toi goi lai vay.
9- e thay Lan giang bai.

D 2
1-  I will come and pick you up at 5:00.
     Nam gi chieu toi (se) en on anh/ ch/...
2-  I'd like to invite Miss Hoa to my house for visiting/ relaxing...
    Toi muon mi co Hoa en nha toi chi.
3-  She (Miss Hoa) is not going anywhere.
     Co ay khong i au.
4- Do you want to say anything?
     Anh / Ch/....muon noi g khong?
5- Would you like to leave any message?
     Anh/ Ch/.... muon dan g khong?
6-  I have something to do this Saturday, so I won't be able to come.
     Th bay nay toi co chut viec nen se khong en/ ti c.
7-  I'd like to invite you out to lunch.  Oh, that's nice!  What time do you want to go?
     Toi muon mi  anh/ ch/... i an tra.
     O, hay lam! May gi anh/ ch/...muon i?
8-  She just left about a half hour ago.
     Ch/ Co/ Ba/... ay va i cach ay khoang na tieng.
9-  Perhaps she won't return until 4:30.
     Co le bon (gi) ri ch/ co/ ba ay mi ve.
10-I work in the same office with Susan.
     Toi lam cung s vi ch Susan.
11-I have a date with John tonigh to go to the club.
     Toi hen anh John i cau lac bo toi nay. /
     Toi hen anh John toi nay i cau lac bo. /
     Toi hen toi nay i cau lac bo vi anh John.
12-I'll tell her that.
     Toi se noi lai vi ch/ co/ ba ay nh vay/ the.
13-Go and request a visa; only then you will know how difficult it is.
     i xin th thc mi biet kho khan lam sao (ay).

These tests below are not in the textbook. They are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using words in the list below.
Cue words: (anh trai, cong vien, di nha, c, gai, gac, gan, gia nh, lam, ln, nen, nho, me, phong khach, phong tam, rat, sau, trc, xung quanh, yen tnh)
1- Nha ch Thanh rat ep va gan cong vien.
2- Nha ch ay khong ln lam nhng xung quanh nha co nhieu cay.
3- Phong khach va phong an di nha.
4- Sau nha la phong bep va phong tam .
5- Trc nha co mot vn nho co bong hoa ep.
6- Nha ch ay cho rat yen tnh va ep.
7- Trong gia nh ch ay co nam ngi.
8- Cha me, anh trai va em gai cung o.
9- Tren gac co ba phong ngu va phong ti-vi.
10-Nha ch Thanh gan trng ai hoc nen ch ay i bo en trng c .

D 4 - Answer the questions below based on the story in D 3.
1- Nha ch Thanh gan g?
    Nha ch ay gan cong vien.
2- Nha ch ay ln lam, phai khong?
    Da khong. Nha ch ay khong ln lam.
3- Sau nha co phong g?
    Sau nha co phong bep va phong tam.
4- Di nha co phong khack khong?
    Da co.  Di nha co phong khach.
5- Nha ch ay co cho au xe khong?
    Da khong.  Trong bai khong co noi.
6- Nha ch ay cho nh the nao?
    Nha ch ay cho rat yen tnh va ep.
7- Co ai o vi ch khong?
    Da co. Cha me, anh trai va em gai ch cung o.
8- Ch ay en trng bang g?
    Ch ay i bo en trng .
9- Nha ch ay xa ai hoc hay gan?
    Da gan.  Nha ch ay gan trng ai hoc.