Bai Mot Hai - oi thoai
Lesson 12 - Dialog (continued) 

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns

oi thoai A3 - Dialog A3
Hear the Whole Dialog
Bob leaves for class and Marie and Pam converse. 

Marie (co) thch i Vung Tau khong?
Co. Ch a i Vung Tau bao gi cha?
Cha, toi cha en o bao gi (ca), nhng toi cung rat thch i.
He nay mnh i Vung Tau i.

T vng (Vocabulary)

Vung Tau resort town on the southeast coast of Viet Nam all, at all
bao gi ca any time at all
cha .... bao gi ca not yet anytime at all
(mua) he summer
mnh we (intimate)

oi thoai A4 - Dialog A4
Hear the Whole Dialog
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Hai ch em noi chuyen vi nhau.


Em i, ch muon lai bu ien gi bu kien nay i Uc,
em i vi ch nhe.
ng i bay gi ch! Gi nay bu ien ong ngi lam.
Vay hai tieng na chung ta i i.
ng ch! i sang mai i.  Chung ta hay i sm.

T vng (Vocabulary)

noi chuyen to converse
vi nhau together, with each other
Person i Say, person! Hey, Person
bu kien parcel
ng don't (Negative imperative)
gi nay (at this hour, this time
ong (ngi) be crowded (with people)
hay + verb do Verb! Imperative
gi bu kien nay i Uc send this parcel to Australia
Chung ta hay i sm. Let's go early

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