Bai Mi Hai - Lesson 12
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
Part D - Answers for self-test

D 1
Cue words:
(ca, ca, cha, cha, a, i, i, nh, khong, g o, lan nao, lan nao ca, lan nao cha, may, roi.)

1- Co a en Tahiti bao gi cha?
  1. Cha, toi cha en o bao gi ca.
  2. The anh a en o lan nao cha?
  3. Roi, toi en hai ba lan roi.
2- Ch a i An-o lan nao cha?
  1. Cha, toi cha i An-o lan nao ca.
  2. Thang sau ch co nh i An-o khong?
  3. Co, thang sau mnh i An-o chi i.
3- Anh i xem xiec may lan roi?
    Toi cha xem xiec lan nao ca, nhng toi a xem kch hai , ba lan g o roi.

D 2
1- Have you ever read that book?  No, I've never read that book.
    Anh/ Ch/...oc quyen/ cuon sach o bao gi/ lan nao cha?
2- How often have you been to Paris?   I've been many times.
    Anh/ Ch/....i Pari may lan roi?  Toi i nhieu lan roi.
3- Let's go over to France this autumn.   Let's go to Lyons and have some wine.
    (Mua) thu nay (chung ta) sang Phap i.  (Chung ta) i Lyons uong ru nhe.
4- I've never yet gone to see a play.
    Toi cha i xem kch bao gi/ lan nao (ca).
5- In three more weeks I'll go to Viet Nam to do economic research.
    Ba tuan na toi i (sang) Viet Nam nghien cu kinh te.
6- Say! Have you ever visited Washington in the Spring?
    A nay, anh / ch/... i Washington vao mua xuan bao gi / lan nao cha?
7- Don't wait a long time for Mr. Quang.
    ng i ong Quang lau.
8- Saigon is very crowded, so we shouldn't (don't) go to Saigon.
    Saigon ong (ngi) lam nen chung ng i Saigon.
    Let's go to Can Th!
    (Chung) ta i Can Th i!
9- How many times did Phan Chu Trinh go to Japan in order to meet Phan Boi Chau?
    Phan Chu Trinh i (sang) Nhat e gap Phan Boi Chau may lan?
    He went only once.
    (Ong ay i) mot lan thoi.

These tests below are not in the text book. They are for website users only.
D 3 - Fill in the blanks using words from the list below.

Cue words: (bao gi, bao gi, ca, ca, can phong, cha, cha, en, i, i, i, ng, hay, hay, hay, hoi, khat, lan, lan, nao, nao, na, nc, sinh vien, t, uong, yen tnh)  
1- Toi en o hoi nam l989.
2- Ch Anne noi phim o hay lam, chung ta hay i xem i.
3- Ch i xe la t Paris en Istanbul lan nao cha?
4- Ch i Paris bao gi cha?
5- Chung toi cha i Paris lan nao ca.
6- Toi cha i lan nao ca.
7- Ch gap ong David bao gi cha?
8- Anh ng lay can phong nay. Cho nay khong yen tnh lam.
9- Hai tieng na ong ay se en tham ai hoc nay. Chung ta hay i nghe ong ay noi chuyen
    vi sinh vien i.
10- Anh khat nc th chung ta i uong nc chanh i.

D 4 - From sentences given below check one that fits the situation.
A- You're thirsty and looking for something to drink.
  1. Anh muon i xem phim o khong?
  2. Ta hay i xem hat i.
  3. Ch muon i an sang vi toi khong?
  4. Toi muon uong nc cam thoi.  [Answer: 4]
B - You like to go and see water puppet show.
  1. Toi muon i Vnh Ha Long vao mua thu.
  2. Toi i tau thuy nhieu lan roi.
  3. au co mua roi nc?
  4. Toi muon i xem mua roi nc.  [Answer: 4]
C- Tell your friends that you saw that film many times.
  1. Toi cha xem phim o.
  2. Lan ti toi se i xem phim o.
  3. Toi a i xem phim o may lan roi.  [Answer: 3]
  4. Ch xem phim o may lan roi.