Bai Mi Mot - Lesson 11
Phan D - Giai ap cho cac bai T kiem tra
Part D - Answers for self-test

D 1
Cue words:
(b, cho, c, c khong, ngay, ngoai, thay, thue, tien, trong, vi)

1- Co thay cai ao nay the nao?  ep lam ha?
2- Toi can thue mot can phong.   Tien phong bao nhieu mot ngay?
3- Chau ang chi ngoai san.
4- Trong vn co nhieu cay va mot cho e xe.
5- Toi i vi anh c khong?
6- Toi khong i hoc c v toi b om.

D 2 - These tests below are not in the text book.  They are for website users only.
1- What is his house like?
    Nha anh ay nh the nao?
    It's very small.  It has only one bedroom, the lounge/front room is small, and there's
    no room to put his car. 
Nho lam, co mot phong ngu thoi, phong khach nho va nha
    anh ay khong co cho e/au xe.
2- I need to rent a room. I'd like one on the 2nd floor with a private bath.
    Toi can thue/mn mot can phong/buong. Toi muon co mot can (phong/buong) co
    phong/buong tam rieng tang th hai.
    The rooms with private bath are on the third floor.
    Phong/Buong co phong/buong tam rieng (th) tang th ba.
3- How do you find Antonio?
    Anh/ Ch/... thay San Antonio (nh) the nao?
    San Antonio is very pretty, but it's very big so it's not quiet.
    San Antonio ep lam nhng ln lam nen khong yen tnh.
    And how about you, how do you find Tokyo?
    Con anh/ ch/...the nao, thay Tokyo (nh) the nao?
    I think Tokyo is very cold.
    Toi thay Tokyo lanh lam.
4- Let's go to a Vietnamese restaurant tonight.  Can you go?
    To nay chung ta i tiem/hieu an Viet nhe. (Anh/ ch/...) i c khong?
    No, I can't because I'm very busy tonight.
    Khong, toi khong i c v toi nay (toi) ban lam.
    Mary, can James and you go?
    Ch Mary a, anh James va ch i c khong?
   Yes, we both can go.
    c, hai chung toi i c.
    What time can you (two) go?
    May gi (hai) anh ch i c?
    6:00 in the evening is all right .
    Sau gi chung toi i c.
5- Behind the club is a bank, opposite the bank is a post office, and there are parking
    places around the post office.
    (ang) sau cau lac bo co (mot) ngan hang, trc mat ngan hang co (mot) bu ien
    va xung quanh bu ien co cho au xe.

D 3 - Fill in the blanks using words from the list below.
Cue words:
  (bang, cuoi cung, di tch, au, au, en, en, c, t ra, kinh o, khong, khong, lan, lang tam, nao, nao, nen, nh the, rat, ti, yen tnh)
1- Ch qua A Chau lan nao cha?
2- He nay ch nh i au chi khong?
3- i t Saigon en Ha Noi bang xe o rat met.
4- Kinh o Hue ep lam va co rat nhieu lang tam va di tch cua cac v vua cuoi cung
    cua Viet Nam.
5- Cac anh ch nen o t ra la mot tuan.
6- Chung toi thay Hue ep va yen tnh.
7- Hoi cac ch en Viet Nam, cac ch co i Vnh Ha Long c khong ?
8- Cac ch thay Vnh Ha Long nh the nao?
9- Nam ti cac ch co nh i au chi khong?

D 4 - From sentences below check one that fits the situation.
A- You need to take a bath .
  1. Nha nay co hai phong ngu va mot phong tam.
  2. Di nha co phong khach.
  3. Tren gac co hai phong ngu.
  4. Phong bep di nha, ben tay mat la phong giat, ben tay trai la phong tam.  [answer: 4]
B- You are looking for a good interpreter.
  1. Co Smith hoc tieng Viet c hai nam roi.
  2. Anh John noi tieng Viet c nhng hieu khong gioi.
  3. Anh Jim Viet Nam 4 nam roi, anh ay noi va hieu tieng Viet rat gioi.  [Answer: 3]
  4. Ch Anne cung gioi tieng Viet nhng hieu giong Nam hn giong Bac.
C- You are looking for a nice trip to Hanoi from Saigon.
  1. T Saigon i Ha Noi bang xe la lau qua.
  2. i t Saigon en Hue bang xe la rat ep, va t Hue den Ha Noi bang may bay th nhanh va tien lam.  [Answer: 2]
  3. i xe o t Saigon en Ha Noi xa lam va rat met.