Lesson 10
Part G - Partial answers for Lesson 10

Bai tap 1

John: Ch i au o, ch Sue?
Sue: Toi i en trng ai hoc Le Li.
John: Ch lam g o the?
Sue: Toi hoc tieng Thai.
John: The a? lp tieng Thai co nhieu sinh vien khong?
Sue: Khong nhieu lam, co khoang mi bon sinh vien.
John: Va co bao nhieu giao s?
Sue: Co mot giao s ngi Thai, mot giao s ngi Viet va mot giao s ngi Canada.
John: Giao s ngi Canada noi tieng Thai co gioi khong?
Sue: Co, ong ay noi gioi lam.
John: Trng Le Li co may th vien?
Sue: Co bon, nam th vien.
John: th vien co nhieu sach tieng Thai khong?
Sue: Co, th vien co nhieu sach tieng Thai lam.

Bai tap 2
1- Anh co t ien khong? Co. Anh co may quyen/cuon?
2- Ba co ong ho khong? Co. Ba co may cai?
3- Ch co ti-vi khong? Co. Ch co may cai?
4- Ch co v khong? Co. Ch co may quyen/cuon?
5- Anh co but khong? Co. Anh co bao nhieu cai/cay?
6- Ch co con cha? Roi. Ch co maya?
7- Nha ay co bao nhieu cai ban? Nha ay co hai cai.
8- Va co bao nhieu cai ghe? Da, co chn cai.
9- Gia nh co co bao nhieu ngi? Gia nh toi co bay ngi.
10-Anh co bao nhieu quyen/cuon sach tieng Viet? Toi co khoang mi lam quyen/cuon.

Bai tap 3
1- what day (of the week)? hom th may?
2- what times (in the past)? luc nao/luc may gi?
3- today's lesson bai hom nay
4- an easy lesson mot bai hoc de
5- tasty ph   ph ngon
6- a new table mot cai ban mi
7- went to Hong Kong when? i Hong Kong (t) bao gi/hoi nao?
8- going to Saigon when? bao gi i Saigon?
9- Start early bat au sm
10- explain the lesson giang bai
11- walk to school i bo en trng
12- go by bike to the market i xe ap en ch/i ch bang xe ap
13- want to borrow muon mn
14- have to sent phai gi
15- need to buy some food can i mua o an
16- like to go to town thch i pho
17- intend to go to bookshop to buy
      new books
nh i hieu/tiem sach (e) mua sach

18- Let's go visit Miss Thu, all right? (Chung) ta i tham co Thu nhe .
19- She (Miss Thu) is a lot of fun. Co ay vui lam.
20- Is going to the restaurant fun? i tiem/ hieu an co vui khong?
21- Was it fun? Was it difficult? Co vui khong? Co kho khong?
22- Has Nam come yet? Anh Nam a en cha?
23- No, he hasn't come yet. Cha, anh ay cha en.
24- Yes, he came already. Roi, anh ay en roi.
25- What are you going to the club for? Anh/Ch i cau lac bo (e) lam g?
26- How are you (Mrs.) going home? Ba ve bang g? Ba i bang g ve nha?
27- He (teacher) is going over to Japan
      by plane.
Thay ay sang Nhat bang may bay.

28- I came to the park by bus. Toi en cong vien bang xe (o to) buyt.
29- go straight ahead i thang
30- get to Le Loi street turn right. en pho/ng Le Li re/queo tay mat
31- She just went at three. Ch/Co/Ba mi i luc ba gi.
32- She didn't go until three. Ba gi ch/co/ba mi i.
33- She won't go until 3:00. Ba gi ch/co/ba mi i.
34- I slept soundly last night. em qua toi ngu ngon.
35- How long did you (Mr.) study English? Ong hoc tieng Anh (c) bao lau?
36- How long has he (anh) been
      working here?
Anh ay lam o (c) bao lau roi?

37- How long will you do research? Anh/Ch/...se lam nghien cu bao lau?
38- Her house is behind the bank near
      the park.
Nha ch/co/ ba ay ang sau ngan hang gan cong vien.
39- Did you (anh) go over to his (Mr.)
      house yet?
Anh a qua nha ong ay cha?

40- I don't know the way to his house. Toi khong biet ng i en nha ong ay.
41- Do you know the way to the guest house? Anh/Ch/...biet ng en nha khach khong?
42- He went out (for fun) until late last night. Toi hom qua ong/anh ay i chi en khuya.
43- I don't have a newspaper; therefore,
      I have to go to the library to read one.
Toi khong co bao nen (toi) phai i th vien (e) oc (bao).

Bai tap 5 (Exercise 5 in the textbook)
Oanh: Anh noi tieng Phap gioi lam. Anh hoc au vay?
Sam: Toi ang hoc trng ai hoc nay.
Oanh: Anh hoc bao lau roi?
Sam: Toi hoc c sau thang roi.
Oanh: The a! Anh hoc sau thang nhng noi gioi the.
Sam: Cam n ch. Toi rat thch hoc. A nay (say!) ,ch Dallas c bao lau roi?
Oanh: Toi ay c mot nam roi.
Sam: Trc, ch au?
Oanh: Toi Toronto c bon nam.
Sam: Ch sinh Viet Nam a?
Oanh: Khong, toi sinh Phap.
Sam: Ch Phap bao lau?
Oanh: Toi Marseille hai mi nam, sau o i Paris.
Sam: Ch Paris co lau khong?
Oanh: Khong toi ba nam thoi roi i sang Toronto.
Sam: Ch co gia nh cha?
Oanh: Roi, toi co chong va hai a con, mot a trai ba tuoi, mot a gai hai tuoi.
1- Oanh la ngi Viet sinh nc nao? (Oanh sinh) Phap.
2- Bay gi Oanh au? (Bay gi ch) Dallas.
3- Sam hoc tieng Phap c bao lau roi? (Sam) hoc c sau thang roi.
4- Sam hoc trng ai hoc, phai khong? Vang. (Anh ay hoc trng ai hoc).
5- Sam noi tieng Phap co gioi khong? Co, (anh ay noi) gioi lam.
6- Oanh co may a con? (Ch ay) co hai a (con). 
7- Hai a sinh au? (Hai a ch Oanh) sinh Toronto.
8- Oanh Paris bao lau? Oanh Paris ba nam.
9- Va Toronto bao lau? Ch ay Toronto c bon nam.
10-The ch ay bao nhieu tuoi? Ch ay hai mi tam tuoi.

Bai tap 6 (Exercise 6 in the textbook)
Robert: Chao ch Mary, ch i au ay?
Mary: Toi i bu ien.  Con anh i au ay/o?
Robert: Toi i en/lai ngan hang.   Tra hom qua cac sinh vien va giao vien
lp tieng Viet i an cm Viet.  Sao ch khong i?
Mary: Hom qua toi khong i v toi b om.  Hom qua co vui khong, anh?
Robert: O, vui lam.
Mary: Hom qua cac anh ch i an tiem nao?
Robert: Chung toi i an tiem Que Viet.
Mary: Cac anh ch an g?
Robert: Chung toi an ph va cha gio.
Mary: Ph co ngon khong?
Robert: Ph ngon lam, cha gio cung/khong ngon lam.
Mary: Va cac anh ch uong g?
Robert: Chung toi uong tra Viet Nam.
Mary: tiem an cac anh ch noi tieng   Anh hay (or) tieng Viet.
Robert: Chung toi noi tieng Anh. Nhng toi cung noi tieng Viet.
Mary: Hom qua cac anh ch i an luc may gi?
Robert: Luc khoang mi hai gi ri.
Mary: May gi mi ve?
Robert: Khoang ba ri chung toi mi ve.
Mary: Tuan ti/sau lp chung ta i an tiem Kim Phng nhe!
Robert: Tiem Kim Phng co xa khong?
Mary: Hi/khong xa, the chung tase i bang g?
Robert: i xe ap vay.

Bai tap 7 (Exercise 7 in the textbook)
1- Ken hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia Jakarta bay thang. Yes _______  No ___X___
2- Margaret hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia Ha-Oai sau thang. Yes _______  No ___X___
3- Ken noi tieng In-o-ne-xia khong gioi lam. Yes ___X___ No _______
4- Margaret lam s quan In-o-ne-xia My. Yes _______  No ___X___
5- Ken va Margaret chi Bali mot tuan. Yes ___X___ No _______
6- Thang mi mot nam ti Margaret se ve My. Yes ___X___ No _______

Bai tap 8 (Exercise 8 in the textbook)
1- Toi co hai anh trai va mot em gai. Yes _______  No ___X___
2- Ba toi lam xng che tao xe hi Philadelphia. Yes _______  No ___X___
3- Anh trai toi la bac s Philadelphia. Yes ___X___ No _______
4- Chong ch toi la vien chc Bo Ngoai giao. Yes ___X___ No _______
5- Em gai toi biet noi tieng Viet. Yes ___X___ No _______
6- Chung toi thng i Philadelphia. Yes _______  No ___X___
7- Toi la ngi My. Yes ___X___ No _______


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