Lesson Ten
Part F - Exercises 11 and 12 (Exercise 13 in the textbook)

Bai tap 11
More conversations between S1 and S2. Write the conversations in Vietnamese using the vowel and tone marks (use paper and pencil to do this exercise).

S1 Ask if S2 has just arrived in the country where you live.
S2 Reply that you've been here for a long time already.
S1 You want to know how long.
S2 Tell S1 that you've been in this country for about 10 years. Then ask about the duration of S1's stay in this country.
S1 Tell S2 that you were born in another town in this country.
S2 Express your slight surprise, then ask in that case when did S1 come to this town.
S1 Give an answer.

Bai tap 12 (Exercise 14 in the textbook)
S1 Ask S2 how S2 goes to school.
S2 Say that you go to school by bike and return the question to S1.

Say that you walk because your house isn't far from the school. Say that from your house you go straight, then turn right and then left. Ask S2 where S2 lives.

Say that your house is far from the school, that it's near the New Spring (Tan Xuan) public park, behind the marke, and opposite the Tan Xuan restaurant.


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