Lesson Ten
Part E - Exercises 9 and 10 (Exercise 10 in the textbook)

Bai tap 9
This is a conversation between Student S1 and student S2. Write the Vietnamese equivalents, remember to write the vowel and tone marks. (Use paper and pencil for this exercise.)
S1 Ask S2 if S2 went to school yesterday (last Monday).
S2 Say that you did, and ask why S1 didn't.
S1 Explain that you were sick, and ask what lesson did the class have on that day.

Answer. Or you may want to check the date of that day with S1 before telling S1 about the lesson.
S1 Ask if that lesson is easy/difficult.
S2 Say that it is not very difficult.
S1 Ask if the teacher explained the lesson.
S2 Say not yet, the teacher will explain the lesson tomorrow.

Bai tap 10 (Exercise 12 in the textbook)
More conversations between S1 and S2 using the same guidelines as exercise #10.
S1 Ask why did S2 come to class so late today.
S2 Reply that you got up late, and you felt a bit tired.
S1 Ask S2 if he or she is sick .
S2 Reply that you are not sick, you just feel tired.
S1 Ask what did S2 do last night, and if S2 went to bed early.

Reply that last night you studied late into the night, and didn't go to bed until 1:00am.


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