Lesson Ten
Part D - Exercises 7 and 8

Bai tap 7
Read the text and do the comprehension test below. Then answer the questions after the vocabulary list below (use paper and pencil to do the exercise).

        Ken la sinh vien trng ai hoc Tong hp Ha-oai. Anh ang hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia trong chng trnh ong Nam A.  Thang trc anh va mi i Jakarta. Anh rat than vi Margaret.  Margaret la tuy vien van hoa cua s quan My Jakarta.  Ken noi tieng In-o-ne-xia khong gioi lam v anh va mi hoc c co bay thang thoi.  Nhng Magaret noi tieng In-o-ne-xia rat gioi.   Ch hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia ba nam Ha-oai, roi hoc sau thang trng ai hoc Tong hp Jakarta.  Hom qua ho va mi i chi Bali.  Bali rat ep.  o la mot thang canh oc ao cua In-o-ne-xia.  Khach du lch ngoai quoc thng thch i tham Bali khi ho en In-o-ne-xia.  Ken va Margaret se Bali mot tuan.  Tuan sau ho mi ve Jakarta.  Thang sau Ken se ve My, nhng thang mi mot nam ti Margaret mi ve.
T vng Vocabulary
trng ai hoc tong hp university (synthesized tertiary school)
trong in, within
chng trnh program
ong Nam A Southeast Asia
than vi closely acquainted with
tuy vien van hoa cultural attache
cua belong to
s quan embassy
roi... and then...
thang canh scenic spot
oc ap unique
khach du lch visitor, traveler
ngoai quoc foreign
khi when (ever)
Cau hoi ve bai tap 7
1- Ken hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia Jakarta bay thang. Yes _____ No _____
2- Margaret hoc tieng In-o-ne-xia Ha-oai sau thang. Yes _____ No _____
3- Ken noi tieng In-o-ne-xia khong gioi lam. Yes _____ No _____
4- Margaret lam s quan In-o-ne-xia My. Yes _____ No _____
5- Ken va Margaret chi Bali mot tuan. Yes _____ No _____
6-Thang mi mot nam ti Margaret se ve My. Yes _____ No _____

Bai tap 8
Read the text and do the comprehension test following. Please use paper and pencil to do the test.
        Gia nh toi co tam ngi: ba ma toi, mot anh trai, mot ch gai, toi, hai em trai toi va mot em gai. 
        Ba toi la th may, ong lam viec mot xng che tao xe hi.  Me toi la y ta.  Hai ngi song va lam viec thanh pho Cleveland. Anh trai toi la bac s. Anh ay co v roi.  Hai v chong lam viec thanh pho Philadelphia. Anh ch ay co hai a con: mot trai, mot gai.   Ch toi lam luat s. Ch ay cung co chong roi. Chong ch ay lam viec Bo Ngoai giao.   Hien nay hai v chong va ba a con ang Viet Nam.
        Toi ang hoc nghien cu chau A trng ai hoc Ohio State, Columbus. Toi hoc tieng Viet nam th hai. Toi cha co gia nh.
        Cac em trai, em gai cua toi con i hoc va cung mot nha vi ba ma toi Cleveland.  Em gai toi co nhieu ban Viet Nam cung hoc mot trng nen no cung biet noi tieng Viet.  Nhng ngay ngh, cac anh ch toi va toi thng ve Cleveland tham ba ma va cac em toi.
T vng Vocabulary
th may mechanic
xng che tao factory
hien nay at the present time
nghien cu chau A Asian studies
con + verb still, continue to + verb
cung together (with)
mot nha together in the same house
no she/he (inferior)
nhng plural
ngay ngh holiday
nhng ngay ngh during the holidays
Cau hoi ve bai 8
1- Toi co hai anh trai va mot em gai. Yes _____ No ______
2- Ba toi lam xng che tao xe hi Philadelphia. Yes _____ No ______
3- Anh trai toi la bac s  Philadelphia. Yes _____ No ______
4- Chong ch toi la vien chc Bo Ngoai giao. Yes _____ No ______
5- Em gai toi biet noi tieng Viet. Yes _____ No ______
6- Chung toi thng i Philadelphia. Yes _____ No ______
7- Toi la ngi My. Yes _____ No ______


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