Lesson 1
Phan D - Part D
T kiem tra - Self-test
check answers in Part D - Answers for Self-test

D 1 - Complete these sentences using words from the list below
(Use paper and pencil to do this test):
Word list:
  • ay
  • con
  • cung
  • ay
  • g
  • la
  • mien
  • ngi
  • phai
  • phai khong
  • va
  • vang
1- Chao ong.  Ten toi              Lan.  Chao anh Lan.
2- Ten ch ay la                  ?  Ten ch ay la Lan.
3- Ong Bic la              Phap.
                         ong Bach la ngi nc nao?
4- Ong ay la ngi Viet,                  ?
5-             , ong Bach la ngi Viet.
           Ong ay la ngi             Nam.
6- Co  Le              la ngi Viet.
           Co              la ngi Trung.
7- Anh cung la ngi Trung,                  ?
8- Khong, toi khong              la ngi Trung.
          Toi             ngi Bac.
9-             la ch Mary             kia la ch Ann.

D 2 - Give the Vietnamese equivalents.
(Use pencil and paper to do this test.)
1- Hello, I'm Mary (to an older man)


2- Hello, (Miss) Mary.  My name is An.


3- Mr. An, this is Mr. Kelly, and over there is Mrs. Kelly.


4- Hello, Mr. Kelly.  It's nice to meet you. (Formal) (Han hanh c gap ong)
    You are an Australian, aren't you?


5- No, I'm a Canadian.


6- How about Mrs. Kelly? She's Canadian too, isn't she?


7- No, she's English.


(Check your D1 and D2 answers in Part D - Answers)

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for the website users only.
D 3 - Give the English equivalents.
1- Ong ten la g?


2- ay la ai?


3- Ten toi la Pierre.


4- Ai la ngi Viet?


5- Da kia la ch Lan.


6- Ba ay la ngi Nhat, phai khong?


7- Khong, ba ay la ngi Viet.


8- Con co ay la ngi nc nao?


9- Co ay cung la ngi Viet.


10- Xin gii thieu. ay la ong Thanh.


11- Han hanh c gap ong.


D 4 - Give English equivalents after completing the sentences in D 1.

D 5 - From the sentences given below check one that fits the situation; then give the English equivalents for all of them.
1- You would like to introduce yourself at a gathering and say:
  1. Chao co.
  2. Xin loi co.  Co la ai?
  3. Ten toi la Hai.
2- Mrs. Ha says ' hello' and you respond:
  1. Xin loi ba. kia la ai?
  2. Chao Ba.
  3. ay la co Tam.
3- At a gathering you would like to find out if a young lady is Vietnamese, and say:
  1. Kia la  anh John.
  2. Co ay la ngi Tau.
  3. Xin loi co, co la ngi Viet, phai khong?
4- You would like to say to your friend Hai that the person over there is John.
  1. ay la John.
  2. Kia la John.
  3. John la ngi My.


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Extra tests prepared by: Dan Dan Tu