Lesson 1
Phan C - Part C
Bai tap - Exercises

C 1
Fill in your name and nationality.  Speak out loud to practice your pronunciation as though you are introducing yourself or you are talking  about someone else.  Use pencil and paper to write your answers.
1- Ten toi la              .
1*Toi la ngi              .
2- Ten anh ay la              .
2*Anh ay la ngi              .
3- Ten co ay la              .
3*Co ay la ngi              .

C 2 - A introduces C to B.
C - ong Nam
A - ay la ong Nam.
B - Chao ong Nam.
Now, introduce the following people according to the example above:
  • anh Chnh
  • ba Hng
  • co Chau
  • ch Hien
  • thay Lan
  • ong Hieu
  • anh Phan va ch Hoa
  • co Tuyet va anh Vu
  • ch Lan va ba Yen
  • co Xuan va thay Thanh

C 3 - (C4 in the textbook).  Using the cue words and following the example, A asks B questions in the pattern:

__________________ la_________________________ , phai khong?
Example: Anh Van, ngi Viet

A: Ten anh la Van, phai khong?
B: Vang, ten toi la Van.
A: Anh la ngi Viet, phai khong?
B: Vang , toi la ngi Viet.
Cue words:
Andrew, ngi Uc
Co Hoa, ngi Bac
Co Yuko, ngi Nhat

C 4 - (C6 in the textbook)
Following the example, A makes a statement and asks B if B is not the same.  B answers in the affirmative.  Practice using different terms of address (ong, thay, anh, co, ba, ch).  Please pay attention to the use of
cung and its position in the statement.
Ngi My, ch

Affirmative answer:
ngi My, ch
A: Toi la ngi My.  Ch cung la ngi My, phai khong?
B:  Da vang, toi cung la ngi My.

Negative answer:
A: Toi la ngi My.  Ch cung la ngi My, phai khong?
B:  Da khong, toi khong phai la ngi My.

Cue words (for affirmative answers) Cue words (for negative answers)
1- ngi Anh, thay 1- ngi Anh, thay, ngi My
2- ngi Trung, ong 2- ngi Bac, co, Trung
3- ngi Thai, ba 3- ngi Thai, ba, Viet
4- ngi Nam, ch 4- ngi Nam, ch, Phap

C 5 -  (C8 in the textbook) B answers A, using the cue words.

Cue words : Ngi Nam (anh ang)
A:  Ai la ngi Nam?
B:  Da, anh ang la ngi Nam.
Cue words:
1- ngi My (ch Ann)
2- ngi Trung (anh Thi)
3- ngi Bac (ong Ba)
4- ngi Nhat (ba Takano)

C 6 - (C9 in the textbook) Using the cue words, B asks a question to A's statement, and A answers.
(Remember to ask for region when appropriate).
A:  Ch Sue la ngi My.  (cue: ch Jane, Canada)
B:  Con ch Jane la ngi nc nao?
A:  Ch ay la ngi Ca-na-a.
1. Anh Thi la ngi Viet. (ch ang, Thai)
2. Ba Szabo la ngi Uc. (ong Swan, Anh)
3. Ba Bch la ngi Bac. (ba Nam, Nam)
4. Ch Marie la ngi Phap. (anh Paul, My)
5. Co Satako la ngi Nhat. (co Kim, Viet)
6. Anh Minh la ngi Trung. (amh Kim,Bac)

C 7-  (C10 in the textbook)  Give the Vietnamese equivalents to the following sentences.
1. Hello (Mrs.) Excuse me, what's your name?
  • My name is Hoa.  And what is yours (Sir)?
  • My name is John.
2. This is Miss Hoa, and this is Mrs. Jones.
  • And who is that over there?
  • Oh, that's Pierre
3. Excuse me, Mrs. Jones.  You're an American, aren't you?
  • Yes, I'm an American.
  • Margarete is an American too, isn't she?
  • No, she's not American.  She's Canadian.
  • And how about Miss Hoa? Where is she from?
  • Miss Hoa is from Vietnam.  She's a Northerner
4. Excuse me, where do you come from?
  • I come from Thailand.  How about you? Where are you from?
  • I come from Japan.
  • Mr. c is also from Japan, isn't he?
  • No, Mr.c is not from Japan. He's from Viet Nam.

C 8 - (C11 in the textbook) Reading exercise
Hoi thoai - Conversation
Hear the Whole Dialog
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Ba: Chao ba.  Ten toi la Ba.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ba Ha: Chao ong.  Ten toi la Ha.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Ba:
(Introducing Mr.Sunaryo and Miss Tam to Mrs. Ha) Xin gi thieu.  ay la ong Sunaryo va ay la co Tam.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sunaryo va co Tam: Chao ba.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Ba: Con ay la ong Sims.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ba Ha:
Chao ong Sims.  Han hanh c gap ong.  Ong la ngi My, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sims: Da vang, toi la ngi My.   Han hanh c gap ba.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Ba: A! Kia la ong Harris.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ba Ha: Ong Harris la ngi Ca-na-da, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sims: Da khong, ong ay khong phai la ngi Ca-na-da.  Ong ay la ngi Uc.  (Turning to Miss Tam)   Co Tam, co la ngi nc nao?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Co Tam: Da, toi la ngi Viet.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sims: (To Mr. Sunaryo)  Ong Sunaryo, ong cung la ngi Viet, phai khong?
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sunaryo: Da khong, toi la ngi In-o-ne-xia.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sims (shakes hand with Mr. Sunaryo) Han hanh c gap ong.
spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ong Sunaryo Toi cung rat han hanh c gap ong.
T vng Vocabulary
xin to request
gii-thieu to introduce
Xin gii thieu Please let me introduce you.
han hanh to be happy, honored
gap to meet
han hanh c gap ong I'm pleased (to be able) to meet you . (Formal)
rat very much

Answer to Exercise C7(C10 in the textbook)
1. Chao ba.  Xin loi ba, ten ba la g?
  • Da,ten toi la Hoa.   Con ong, ten ong la g?
  • Ten toi la John
2. ay la co Hoa va ay la ba Jones.
  • Con kia la ai?
  • A, kia la anh Peter.
3. Xin loi ba Jones, ba la ngi My, phai khong?
  • Da vang, toi la ngi My.
  • Ch Margarete cung la ngi My, phai khong?
  • Da khong, ch ay khong phai la ngi My. Ch ay la ngi Ca-na-a.
  • Con co Hoa, co ay la ngi nc nao?
  • Co Hoa la ngi Viet, co ay la ngi mien Bac.
4. Xin loi (anh/ch/..., anh/ch/... la ngi nc nao?
  • Da, toi la ngi Thai. Con ch/anh/... la ngi nc nao?
  • Da, toi la ngi Nhat.
  • Ong c cung la ngi Nhat, phai khong?
  • Khong, ong c khong phai la ngi Nhat, ong ay la ngi Viet.


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