Bai Mot - Lesson 1
oi thoai - Dialog (continued)

Cau mau - Patterns

oi thoai A4 - Dialog A4
Hear the Whole Dialog

Ong Rose:

Ong Rose:       
Ong Sims la ngi Uc, phai khong?
Da khong, ong ay khong phai la ngi Uc.
Ong ay la ngi My.
The, ai la ngi Uc?
Da, ch Betty la ngi Uc.

T vng (Vocabulary)

Uc Australia
khong no, not
ay that
ong ay he (that man)
khong phai la is not (so) (Lit. not so that it is...)
My America
The So

oi thoai A5 - Dialog A5
Hear the Whole Dialog

spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ch Sue :
Anh Huy:
Ch Sue:
Anh Huy:
Ch Sue:
Anh la ngi nc nao?
Da, toi la ngi Viet.
The anh la ngi mien nao?
Toi la ngi Trung.  Con ch la ngi nc  nao?
Da, toi la ngi Anh.

T vng (Vocabulary)

Nc country
nao which, what
ngi nc nao person of which country
(mien) Trung Central Vietnam (Long mountainous region)
Anh England
Anh la ngi nc nao? Where are you from?

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Designed by: Hieu Nguyen
Audio by Trung Van Vo