Lesson 1
Phan D - Part D
Giai ap cho cac bai T Kiem Tra
- Answers for Self-test of Lesson One.

D 1 

1. Chao ong. Ten toi la Lan. Chao anh Lan.
2. Ten ch ay la g?   Ten ch ay la Lan.
3. Ong Bic la ngi Phap, con ong Bch la ngi nc nao?
4. Ong ay la ngi Viet, phai khong?
5. Vang, ong Bch la ngi Viet.  Ong ay la ngi mien Nam.
6. Co Le cung la ngi Viet.  Co ay la ngi Trung.
7. Anh cung la ngi Trung, phai khong?
8. Khong, toi khong phai la ngi Trung, toi la ngi Bac.
9. ay la ch Jane va kia la ch Jill.

D 2
1- Hello, I'm Mary.  (to an older man)
    Chao ong, toi la Mary.
2- Hello, (Miss) Mary. My name is An.
    Chao co Mary. Toi ten la An.
3- Mr. An, this is Mr. Kelly, and over there is Mrs. Kelly.
    Ong An, ay la ong Kelly va kia la ba Kelly.
4- Hello, Mr. Kelly. It's nice to meet you.
    Chao ong Kelly. (Toi) han hanh c gap ong.
    You're an Australian, aren't you?
    Ong la ngi Uc, phai khong?
5- No, I'm a Canadian.
    Da khong, toi la ngi Ca-na-da.
6- How about Mrs.Kelly?   She's Canadian too, isn't she?
    Con ba Kelly, (ba ay) cung la ngi Ca-na-da, phai khong?
7- No, she's English.
    Da khong, ba ay la ngi Anh.

These tests below are not in the textbook, they are for the website users only.
D 3 - Give English Equivalents. 
1-  Ten ong la g?
     What is your name?
2-  ay la ai?
     Who is this?
3-  Ten toi la Pierre.
     My name is Pierre.
4-  Ai la ngi Viet?
     Who is Vietnamese?
5-  Da, kia la ch Lan.
     That's Miss Lan.
6-  Ba ay la ngi Nhat, phai khong?
     She is Japanese, isn't she?
7-  Khong, ba ay la ngi Viet.
     No, she is Vietnamese.
8-  Con co ay la ngi nc nao?
     And (as for her), where is she from?
9-  Co ay cung la ngi Viet.
     She's also Vietnamese.
10- Xin gii thieu. ay la ong Thanh.
     Allow me to introduce (you). This is Mr. Thanh.
11- Han hanh c gap ong.
     I'm pleased to meet you.

D 4 - English equivalents for D 1.
1- Hello (Mr.) My name is Lan. Hello Lan.
2- What is her name?  Her name is Lan.
3- Mr. Bic is French.
    And (as for him), where is Mr. Bich from?
4- He is Vietnamese, isn't he?
5- Yes, Mr. Bich is Vietnamese.
    He is a Southerner.
6- Miss Le is also Vietnamese.
    She is from the Central area.
7- You too are from the Central area, aren't you?
8- No, I'm not from the Central area, I'm Northerner.
9- This is Miss Jane, and that is Miss Jill.

D 5 - From the sentences given below check one that fits the situation.
1- You would like to introduce yourself at a gathering and say:
  1. Hello Miss.
  2. Excuse me Miss, who are you?
  3. My name is Hai.  [Answer: c]
2- Mrs. Ha says " hello" and you respond:
  1. Excuse me Mrs., who is that?
  2. Hello Mrs.  [Answer: b]
  3. This is Miss Tam. 
3- At a gathering you would like to find out if a young lady is Vietnamese, and say:
  1. That's John.
  2. She's Chinese.
  3. Excuse me Miss, you're Vietnamese, aren't you?/Aren't you Vietnamese? [Answer: c]
4- You would like to say to your friend that person over there is John.
  1. This is John.
  2. There is John/That's John.  [Answer: b]
  3. John is American.


Extra self tests prepared by Dan Dan Tu