Welcome to the Thai Self-Study Translation website! This is an online resource for learning about translation from the Thai language into English. This website provides various online translation tools, guides, and examples for translation from Thai to English. Translation tools such as an Interlinear Translator aid, a Concordance program, a Word Frequency program, and an Online Thai Dictionary are available to assist you in the translation process. Several examples of translation and practices to test your mastery of understanding Thai texts are also provided.  The translation tools were developed and modified in two classes on the campus of NIU during the fall and spring semesters of 2005-2006.  Now these same tools, materials, and syllabi are available on this website for the self-learner or an instructor who wants to use it for instruction.  

Articles and Books about Translation

About the Thai Translation Course at NIU

The main purpose of this experimental course was familiarization with computer tools, such as concordancing and word frequency compilation software, interlinear translation facilitator, and online dictionaries to use in reading and translating a foreign language.

Texts: Hard copy of dictionary of language. Other texts and readings TBA/online.


To type in Thai go to:
or go to your computer's "Start"; then "Programs";  then "Accessibility"; then "Keyboard".  Toggle from EN(glish) to TH(ai).