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The following are web-based tools to help you in translation. Click on "more" for additional information.

Word Frequency Program
This is a program that counts the frequency of each word in a document or corpus of documents.  The compiled word frequency list can be used to evaluate materials and aid students in learning new words.  More

Interlinear Translator
The Interlinear translation is another tool in helping you translate assigned texts.   You can save your work at any time and then resume working on that translation at some subsequent date.  The latest version of a word-for-word and a smooth translation is saved for any given individual.  More

Concordance Program
This program show each word in a document or corpus in each of the contexts in which it occurs in the text.  The words are surrounded by some of the text before and after the word's occurence for learners  can see the various ways  in which  a word is used.  This tool can also be used to find the occurence of single words or phrases or expressions in a given text. More

Tagalog Online Dictionary
This is an web-based interactive dictionary that has the feature of showing list of words searched on a web page with an option to print out.

Discussion Forum
This is a tool that allows students to be part of a community of language learners and native speakers as they receive immediate feedback from instructor and from other learners. 


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