Word Frequency for Listening 8

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Mga Pagkain at Paraan ng Pagluluto

The following table contains a frequency list of words used in the dialog.
This list will help you get a sense of the dialog even before listening to text. 
The frequency states how often the word has been used in the sentence. 
The more frequent the word is, the more likely you should know the meaning of this word.

Learning Tasks

1.   Study the words, write English equivalent for each, and think of Tagalog words you know can associate with each word.

2. Choose 10 words and using a database program (e.g. Excel) create a table of words with their English, equivalent and use these words in sentences.


Tagalog English Usage
sa in, on, at, by, - preposition markers Pumunta si Mila sa bahay.
(Mila went to the house)

Ilagay mo ang tinapay sa mesa.
(Put the bread on the table)

e.g.  -
sa bahay, sa mesa, sa aklatan

2.   Use this same database/tabulation of words with your chose words from the Reading Text. Add more words into this database from  the succeeding lessons.

Grammar Lessons

Linguistic Note

The concept of "scenes" and "frames" as suggested by Filmore (in Kiraly, 2000) are another way of looking at different types of texts.  "Syntactic frame (italics added) which helps language users/translators structure the meaning they want to make, and scenes, which suggests a movie-like, culture and experience-based memory for concepts we associate with words, leads us to the highest level of situational meaning within a text, where we focus on it as a coherent and cohesice whole." (Kiraly, 2000, p 88)

Word List

 sa  8
 na  7
 claudia:  5
 ang  5
 si  4
 maria:  4
 ko  3
 bahala  3
 at  3
 salamat  2
 kami  2
 hindi  2
 pa  2
 naman  2
 lunes  2
 lang  2
 ano  2
 ako  2
 bella  2
 amor  2
 ba  1
 bahay  1
 pakisabi  1
 namin?  1
 o  1
 ng  1
 okasyon?  1
 pansit  1
 talaga  1
 siya  1
 tatawagan  1
 taon  1
 sige  1
 anak  1
 parang  1
 sampung  1
 salo-salo  1
 mong  1
 gusto  1
 kaibigan  1
 kanila  1
 kayong  1
 kayo  1
 huwag  1
 ha!  1
 inaanyayahan  1
 kaarawan  1
 ito  1
 barbecue  1
 mahirapan  1
 may  1
 mo  1
 mga  1
 kusina  1
 dalhin  1
 cake  1
 mag-abala  1
 mabuti  1
 wala  1



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