Lesson 12

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anliligaw at Pag-aasawa

Please do the following to accomplish the task for this section in the lesson:

1.   Study the prepared word frequency and a concordance of the text.  This will help in reading, understanding and translating the text.

2.    To understand the semantic meaning of a single word, use  the Concordance Program in locating the occurrences of any single word in the text.

3.  From the world list of high frequency to low frequency  words in the text, you are required to choose at least 10 new words to add in your personalized database of words  and their translation in English and the word use in complete sentence.  This is for your own personal collection. You can use any database program (e.g. word excel) of your choice.  Organizing a personal database of words will help expand your vocabulary words in Tagalog.

4.   To translate the text, use the Interlinear Translator and save your work in the SEASITE/Trans database.  Do this by clicking "SAVE."  You can begin by working on a word by word translation of   the text or do translate in sentences in the smooth translation window.  Make sure you click "SAVE" frequently as you work in the translator.  If there are single words you are having difficulty with,  you can always use the Concordance Program to find the occurrence of a single word in the text and understand the word in context or use the Tagalog  Dictionary.

5.  When you are finished with your smooth translation of the text,  please do the following:

A.  Save your translation in the server by clicking save.
B.  Post your translation in the 
Discussion Forum.  This will allow you and the others to compare translations.

If you have questions, please send inquiry to the instructor at NIU.