Lesson 12

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anliligaw at Pag-aasawa

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Listening Task
Prepared Word Frequency

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Reading Task
Reading Text
Prepared Word Frequency
Prepared Word Concordance

Interlinear Translator

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Simple Translation  Test
Cloze Test On Line
Additional Texts

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HARANA, ni Carlos V. Francisco

Use the following tools:

Dictionary - to aid you in the English equivalents of Tagalog words
Concordance Program - to show you how the words are used in context
Word Frequency Program - to give you a list of words used in the text
Interlinear Translator - to aid you in word by word translation and provide you with an applet in writing your translation and then save it via the web.
Discussion Forum - to compare translation with other students


Sample Student Translations

Go to the Discussion Forum to check student translation

Links to Additional Texts to Translate

Literature Texts
Additional Texts
Reverse Translation Tagalog Modules
Adarna komiks

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