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In Filipino culture, eating is essentially a social activity.  It is rare to find a Filipino eating alone in a restaurant or a public place.  Eating out is also a part of family activity, especially on weekends.  Sharing food is also an integral part of Filipino customs and traditions. 

In the Philippines, it is quite common to have business transactions conducted in hotel restaurants. When one gets promoted at work, it is customary for him to take his friends out to a treat or "blow-out".  The same is true for birthdays, anniversaries, or winning a lottery.  Sometimes, a spur of the moment decision by a group of friends can end up in a fastfood place or restaurant, especially after work on a Friday.  This is a way of sharing one's blessings with others.

Even someone who makes a casual visit to a friend's or a neighbor's house, the first question he is asked is, _________ (Have you eaten yet?), or _________ (What can I offer you?).  Offering food and drink to a visitor is part of Filipino hospitality, one of the traits valued in Philippine society.