Move the mouse over the parts of the image below to get a small explanation.

Select which language you want to translate. Choose a document from the list below by clicking on its name. Enter your name and your unique identifier. Click the Submit button when you're ready and you'll see a screen that looks like the next image down. After you have worked on a translation, you can save it. When you return, if you check this box, a list of your saved work will show up. You can click on the one you want to rsume work on, and click the Submit button.

When you click Submit, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like the next picture down. For each L2 word displayed, enter an English translation in the text box below the word. After you have done some word by word translation, you can redo the translation here in a smoother, more understandable style.

This area displays the original reading as continuous text. This area shows your word by word translation from the previous page. You cannot edit this. This area displays your smoother translation from the previous page. You are allowed to edit this further if you want to. This will save your current smooth translation that is displayed on this page.