Welcome to the Indonesian Translation website! This is an online resource for learning about translation from the Indonesian language to English. This website provides various online translation tools, guides, and examples on translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English. Translation tools such as an Interlinear Translator aid, a Concordance program, a Word Frequency program, and an Online Indonesian Dictionary are available to assist you in the translation process.  Several  translation exercises that enable you to practice and  test your mastery of understanding Indonesian texts are also provided.


Who should use these materials?


  1. Students taking the on-campus for-credit at Northern Illinois University.  You must be registered in FLST 381.  You will receive a user account and password in class for certain activities.

  2. Students or others who wish to informally study translation via this on-line site.  You may use any of the materials on this site for your own use.  Certain activities  may ask you to logon as a guest.  You can do so but your work will not be saved.

  3. Students or others who wish to more formally study translation via this on-line site.  You may email the language coordinators to request a user account and password so your work can be saved and retrieved and so you can use the discussion groups.

Note: other institutions are specifically requested not to make substantial use of these materials in any for-credit courses.

To request a user account/password for Indonesian, email


Indonesian Translation Course at NIU

The main purpose of this experimental course is familiarization with computer tools, such as concordancing and word frequency compilation software and online dictionaries to use in reading and translating a foreign language.


Texts: Hard copy of dictionary of language. Other texts and readings TBA/online.

1 credit hour. Time and place: TBA (to be announced/arranged*).





Software Tools: This site contains several links to various online translation tools which will open in new windows.


Word Frequency: This is an online program to count the frequency of each word in a document or corpus of documents.  The compiled word frequency list can be used to evaluate materials and aid students in learning new words. (more...)


Concordance: This program shows each word in a document or corpus in each of the contexts in which it occurs in the text.  The words are surrounded by some of the text before and after the word's occurrence for learners to see the various ways in which  a word is used.  This tool is more often used to find the all occurrences of single word in a given text.  (more...)   Advanced users of this concordance can also specify patterns to search for. (See Regular expressions)


Interlinear Translation Aid: The Interlinear translation is another tool in helping you translate assigned texts.  You can save your work at any time and then resume working on that translation at some subsequent date.  The latest version of a word-for-word and a smooth translation is saved for any given individual.  (more...)


Indonesian Dictionary: This is a web-based interactive dictionary that has the feature of showing list of words searched on a web page with an option to print out.  (more...)



Other Resources


Reading Archives: In this page, various reading materials are posted. They include short stories, children stories, news from major newspapers in Indonesia and from Islamic organizations such as Muhammadiyah and the Liberal Islam Network. Concordance and word frequency are provided for each reading to aid learners understanding better and faster the content of the reading.


Translation Examples: This page provides several translation examples. 


Test Your Skills: This page provides reading materials with questions and assignments. The purpose of these exercises is to test your mastery of understanding short Indonesian texts. There are two modules: one for beginner to intermediate level students, and another one for intermediate level students.


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