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Welcome to Northern Illinois University's Advanced Translation Course Site. This site is intended to be used by intermediate to advanced learners of Thai, Indonesian, or Tagalog who are:

  1. Students taking the on-campus for-credit course at Northern Illinois University.  You must be registered in FLST 381-382.  You will receive a user account and password in class for certain activities.
  2. Students or others who wish to informally study translation via this on-line site.  You may use any of the materials on this site for your own use.  Certain activities may ask you to logon as a guest.  You can do so, but your work will not be saved.
  3. Students or others who wish to more formally study translation via this on-line site.  You may email the language coordinators to request a user account and password so your work can be saved and retrieved and also so that you can use the discussion groups.  See the homepage of the language you are interested in for the email contact (links are to the left at the top of the page).

Note: other institutions are specifically requested not to make substantial use of these materials in any for-credit courses.

The links to the languages in the left column will take you to materials specific to each language, as well as enable you to use several internet-based software aids that can help in the process of translating documents or readings from the native language into English.

You can click on the individual links found under "How to Use the Translation Tools" to read about the uses of each of these programs and to see directions on how to use them.

In addition, you can access a number of general articles on the philosophy, techniques, and intricacies of the art of translation.

This project was funded by the International Research and Studies Program of the U.S. Department of Education.